Today i live, tomorrow i die!

I'm so stupid. My life is over! I can't anymore!
In this story I tell u why.

One day there come more.


1. Day 1!

Today is a hate day, people will hate me more. My name is Rose and I'm 16 years. I live with my dad, in a little house. Today I have to go on a new school, because I be bullied so much. I hate that, and I hate myself! I look on myself and I just see a white girl with yellow hair, green eyes, red lips and black makeup. I just see an ugly girl! But now i have to go on my school.

I get there over and people look much at me, I know what they think. I go inside to my new class and people just look at me and think I'm a stupid idiot. I look on my new teacher.

"Hello! This is a new person in the class, please say your name?" The teacher say and look at me.

" name?" I say and look down.

"Yes your name? U have not forget your name hah?" She say and laugh a lot.

"No my name is Rose" I say and just stay with the door.

"Okay Rose please sit down" she say and look away.

After the time I run away from the school and to the water, I hate my new school. In the time I just be bullied more. I look at the water and think about a happy day in my life. I think about my dead mom, and she smile to me. I smile back.

I go home to my dad and I inside to my bedroom. My dad come inside.

"Are the school over?" He asked.

"Yes the teacher was sick" i lie.

"Okay good" he smile to me.

I slap my door in and lay in my bed. I read a book and sleep. My dad wake me up when I have to eat. I eat not so much and after I made home work and look tv.

When it was night I cut. Love to feel the pain and look on the blood running. I look out at my window and wanna fly away. I go to sleep and have a bad dream, a nightmare. I look out at my window all the night. I hear music, my favorite band Black Veil Brides. I sleep.

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