You And I - One direction

Why i love One Direction you ask? well...


1. Why i love One Direction

They are my inspirations and my loves. They make me laugh when i’m down. They are the reason I smile and wake up every morning. They make me feel beautiful. They are my favorite bromances.They make me giggle and feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time they are mentioned. They will be forever living in my heart. They’re music is my soul. They’re voices are extraordinary. They brought me to my second family, 1DFamily. They are my thoughts, dreams and daydreams. Thank you One Direction for being all these things and more. With you guys in my life, it’s complete. I hope one day I get the chance meet them, but for now I’ll keep supporting, protecting, loving and caring for One Direction and never regret being a Directioner. It’s what i do and always will be doing.   Harry (Harold) Edward Styles:You’re absolutely sexy, flirty and cute. You’ve stolen every Directioners hearts.You are so kind to us, it shouldn’t even be legal. You make me smile, and laugh and giggle. You are always yourself and down to earth. You try not to care about what other people think of you. You’ve been such as big inspiration. You have an amazing voice that i instantly fell in love with, please don’t ever think differently. When you smile the world stops and stares. And we should never forget about you’r vulgar knock knock jokes. Never stop being who you are and doing what are love. You sing with your heart and that’s why you stole my heart. We’ll love and support you in whatever you choose to do.    Liam James Payne:You can be so mature but also so immature at the same time. You think there no such thing as an ugly Directioner. I love that about you, you made me feel beautiful. You can’t spell, you love making faces, you make me laugh and you get my heart beating 10x faster. Any girl you date would be the luckiest girl on earth. I love seeing that smile on your face, and your birthmark, along with your sexy brown eyes that melt my heart. I love your voice, and the goosebumps i get when you sing, you have a lovely voice, please don’t ever stop singing.   Zayn Jawaad Malik:You are shy, i love that part about you. Your shy but once your not you’re so funny and you make me smile when you smile. You are an absolutely amazayn and gorgeous. Everything you do i’ll always support and love. Some people say’s bad things about you, but i know you’re to kind to make those rumors true. You and Perrie look so beautiful together, and wish to see the smile she's placing on your face. Thank you for staying who you are, please never change cause i love you.   Louis William Tomlinson: You are the reason for my smiles and laughs. Your my inspiration for being forever young. You’re my jokester and prankster. When you smile the whole world stops and stares. From pictures i can tell you sing with your heart, you always should be. I love how much to care about us, Directioners. When you aren’t on twitter so much you remind us how you love us. Now it’s my turn. Please don’t ever change because i love you and i always will. Even though you are with Eleanor, i don’t mind as along as she puts that smile on your face. I can’t tell how proud i am of you. You’ve played several soccer games, and i know that you’re loving being a sicker-player as much as a singer.   Niall James Horan: Oh Niall, there are no enough words to explain how much i love you. You are such a sexy leprechaun. You are the cutest boy that has ever stepped foot on this planet. You some have your insecurities but please don’t ever change, i love you just the way you are. I’ll love you no matter what you choose to do. You seemed quiet and shy at first but then i realized you are hilarious. I feel in love with your laugh, and the fall hit me hard. You make me so happy. You love food, i love food. That doesn’t mean your fat, i mean we can be fat together. I love your voice and the Irish accent that sticks to it. You love your family and you get homesick sometimes. I love your Irish background, but mostly i just love everything about you. You’re not only my favorite member of One Direction, you're my favorite member of the world.
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