That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


11. well, how bout that

Cat ran over to the shrub and threw her bag up to me. I hung the bags on a tree branch.

"Just climb up on these branches and then grab the ledge."

She struggled but she managed to get to the top with out to many injuries I had her hold the bags as I found a way to get back down.

"Ok toss em down!"

She threw them down and she followed my example. We reached the bottom when I hear a loud clear bark coming from the other side of the yard. Fucking hell.

"Cat.... Run"

We booked it to the back porch area and the dog was actually chained up but still barking alerting whoever was inside. I was about to burst in when a tall dark and handsome boy opened the door. He resembled cat almost to the point. It was so weird they looked exactly alike. We all stared at eachother. I looked back and forth between him and cat. She screamed.


"Cat" I said as another taller man comes into the doorway. "I think we are."

"So are you... Our like half brother? " I asked Liam and the taller mans name who I just found out was 'rieghner' such a weird ass name.

"Batrovia" reigner said. He's obviously very Italian. "You are only my child.... Not your mothers... Your real mother is a woman in Sicily.."

"Who's batrovia?" I asked weirdly in the same accent.

"She changed your name didn't she..?"

" ummmmm my name is amanda."

"Figures" he sighed.

"Wait so we aren't related to our mom" cat said estatic.

"Amanda isn't but you are.. Your are all my children.. Amanda is the only one with a different mother."

Me and cat looked at eachother in a way that has never before happened. But it fit the moment.

We all looked at eachother and at the floor. Me and cat are only half sisters and by the age and look of Liam, I assume they are twins which I later find out they are. I'm not American at all apperently and I guess that's why I've always felt out of place.

"Well this is... Interesting.." I said akwardly.

"Very.." Cat looked like a lost child in a mall. She didn't know where to turn or what to do. Now she knows how I have felt for the past 7 years of my life.

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