That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


5. too bad were late.

"WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO" ... That's a nice morning call isn't it mom. I wasn't sure what was happening until I saw cats bulging eyes staring at her phone.

"What what what happened, what's wrong?!?!" I said frantically. She lifted her phone from the bed and turned it to me . The clock on her phone said 2:30 pm. Fuck.

"IF WE MISS THE PLANE I SWEAR TO GOD ILL KILL YOU BOTH" I heard my mom scream again.

She scared me shitless. Cat jumps out of the bed flung on her last outfit, threw me mine, and she ran as fast as light out the door.

"Well damn...." I whisper to myself. "Let's go on an adventure"

We finally made it out the door at exactly 3:41 pm. It wasn't the ideal time but my mom would have to deal with it. Apparently the power was cut off in the middle of the night, so none of our alarms were working and my phone was dead. So she couldn't bead at us, or she would have to be mad at herself. We literally just made it to the cargo shipping area. My mom spoke with the management and we left for the airport. I wasn't sure how an apparently 14 hour air ride was going to go with my mom. And to be honest, I wanted to Cry. I didn't realize how much I Was going to miss Virginia.

I was getting on board and, of course, I fell. I was in a worse mood then I already was, and to too that off, I'm very touchy. A hand grabbed the top of my arm and gently pulled me up,

"You should be careful these things tend to bump a bit." I knew he was trying to be funny, but he wasn't. I didn't care to look so I just stormed off, not caring. I found cat and she literally tackled me.

"Oh my god!! I'm so excited where do you think we are going?!?!" She exclaimed.

"Home." I whispered. I had really had enough. I was feeling a panic attack come up and if I didn't leave now I was going to loose it all.

"Boarding ends In 20 minutes, we will be lifting off in 30" someone above said.

"Cat I need to go get something I left be RIGHT back I swear" I didn't even give her time to answer. It was coming, I could feel my eyes sting my heart pump to fast to be healthy, and the involuntary shaking. I ran past coach and came across the few seats in the front with some weird curtain. I fell... Again.

"DAMNIT JESUS FUCKING CHRIST" I shouted. Luckily the only people who could here were the ones behind the weird curtain.

"Well hello to you to, nice to see you again" said a familiar voice. Fuck. This was just great . I rolled my eyes and said,

" yeah bye" I began to stand up when once again he grabbed me with both hands this time. I was up of the ground within a second. I was a bit thrown off and I went into full panic mode. Right. In. Front. Of. Him. Kill. Me. Now.

He pulled me into his strange booth like seat and flipped out to. He's obviously never seen someone have a panic attack before.

"Are you hurt?!?! Do u need a doctor!!??? Oh my god oh my god?!?!?" He kept doing this for like 5 minutes before I slapped him.

"What was tht for ?!" he laughed. It was until now that I saw his face. And I knew exactly who he was and it all made sense. The curtains the booth the million dollar plane seat.

"I need to leave!!!" I stood up and tried to run out of the plane, but I was so messed up that every 3 seconds I toppled over causing him to hold my hand. Then, I passed out, there was so much happening My fucked up brain couldn't take it. He carried me until we got to the lobby.

I woke in the next 2 minutes. I couldn't see anything but swirling blobs and all I could think about was Cat. I knew I had to go back for her.

"Cat?!! Cat" I half shouted wondering if it was just a dream.

"No my names Harry, but call me whatever I guess" he chuckled. How DARE he make jokes when I'm in the middle of cross roads in my life.

I tried to say and up to go back to the plane only to be picked up and sat back down.

"Get on my back" he said.


"Get. On. My.back." He said acting like I was retarded. "Please?" He raised an eyebrow.

"No" I said stubbornly. I'm not going to get on this kids back.

"Fine. Have it your way then." He picked me up and slides me around his waist, so somehow I'm on his back now. I was to weak and out of it to retaliate. I wanted to scream, run, or something but I was so high on stress I couldn't think clearly. There were no inhibitions anywhere in my mind.

"Catherine... Cat.. " I whispered.

"Shhh shhhhh come now we are almost there."

"Your taking me away aren't you" I said. I'm not sure what's happening right now. Everything's a blur. I'm exhausted mentally and physically.

"Why would I be taking you away" he stopped and stared at me. He placed me down on the nearest chair. I'm in the middle of a flash back right now of my dad and I can't tear reality and mind apart.

"Please don't me mad dad, I didn't mean to upset you" I said weakly obviously half asleep.

He raised his hand above my head and I flinched hard.

"I'm never going to hurt you" he said, sorrow in his eyes.

"You already have daddy." I replied.

"Show me...." Harry said.

I lifted up my sweat pants to reveal a nice large scar. He gasped.

"Don't be mad dad. You asked"

He kissed my Forhead and said,

"wake up." He continued," WAKE UP" He growled a noise I thought I would never hear again. I was awake Alright.

I shot my eyes open in terror.

"Oh my god." I said "sorry that happens a lot from what cat tells me... I just need to go.." I said trying to release myself from his grasp. He threw his arms around me and said,

"It gets easier"

He threw me back over his back and carried me halfway when he was attacked by 7 teenage girls.

"Not now girls I'll be back in a second"he screamed and ran.

"Haha, must be nice." I snorted.

"You don't even know.." He sighed. We got back in the plane and he say me down in his mini room with the curtain.

"Let's clean you up" he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked puzzled.

"Ummmmm, how'd u not notice this...?" He smiled and pointed to my thigh were a big bruise was forming with a reasonable size cut.

He blushes.

"What" I ask.

"Um I need to to take off your pants...." He looked down.

"Fuck that!" I said and jumped out of his Mimi room. " I'm leaving, by Harry."

"Do you know who I am...." He asked confused.

"Yes and that's precisely why I'm leaving you alone in hopes you do the same for me."

I turned flipped my hair out of my face and left him opened mouthed.

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