That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


2. summer plans

We waited in the kitchen for about 30 minutes. We were having one of those mind conversations, but all we said were things about nerves and worries. We gave eachother a nod and we started walking out of the kitchen when Cat ran into mom.

"Going somewhere?" She said to cat

"No actually we have been waiting for about thirty minutes for you..." Cat began regretting her tone of voice she said " but it's fine it's fine we were just getting a little bored but u take as long as u need"

I couldn't take cat looking down at the floor like a sad puppy so I burst in and half shouted,

"actually it's not okay, you told us to be down here immediately but you decide to take a nap and make us wait having mini panic attacks, so taking after you mother, I'm leaving"

As I began walking out as she grabbed my arm and said,

" We all are actually" looking at us both in the eye, we both shivered at her look ," we are moving" she continued " before school starts, so to make that happen we will be leaving in two days and it's final, I don't want to here anything from either of you, except the packing of boxes"

Me and cat couldn't do anything but stare then I broke the silence.

"You can move, but we are staying" I said. Then felt a very sharp pain in my stomach. The bitch just shoved a fork in me. Cat ran over panicked and went to go call 911. Once I saw her I burst out laughing. My "wound" was only maybe a centimeter deep and it was just a fork.

"Chill JESUS cat I'm fine I'm not even bleeding oh my god" I laughed out. My mom had already left and cat said she should take me to the emergency room but I refused. I mean Ive been stabbed and not gone to the ER. This was like a paper cut.

We walked silently up the stairs and into our room. We lay on her bed and she silently cries. I hold her while holding my insides in. I wanted to cry but I knew It would upset her. This house has a lot of bad memories so I think it will be a good change even if cat doesn't want to. School is about to start in two weeks. Cat will be a junior and I will be a sophomore, at wherever this mystery place is. Cat falls asleep and I start to think of all the possibilities a new school and place will bring us.

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