That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


12. reigner 1, amanda well...

"Everyone shut the hell up!" I screamed.

"No one was talking." Liam stated. I huffed and rolled my eyes. Cat had been silent for the better part of five minutes.

"Doesn't matter anyways.." She started and paused. "We are leaving... NOW" she forced.

"Well damn" I said proud and surprised. "I have never agreed with you more." We got up and lifted up our things.

"WAIT DONT!" Reigner yelled. "I already lost you once and I won't ever loose you agian."

"Well I have news for you buddy," I said stone cold, " we were never yours to loose." With that cat and I were bolting out the door ignoring both reigner Liam and that damn dog. We made it to the gate and I was so steamed I literally busted them open with a kick. Oppsy. We walked down the street when I realized the situation I was in. I stopped dead In my tracks. I was just in a plane with HARRY STYLES. My brother is LIAM PHAYNE. And the worst part about this all is that cat is so upset she isn't even acknowledging that fact. Now I'm a bit worried..

We waked in silence all the way to the train station we looked up. It had a straight route back to a cheap motel. We only had about 400 dollars on us, so we were going to have to make do until our "mother" came to town.

We sat on a bench and cat looked down at me.

"You are my other half amanda... You are what keeps me going... And no one can take that away from me... Amanda you ARE me." She sobbed.

"Cat no matter what woman I was pushed out of, I will always be your twin. Two halves make a hole Hun." She put her head on mine and sniffled away all her tears. Just when I thought I was drifting away into sleep someone pulls me up. I open my eyes to see Liam with a little dried blood on his face. God dammit.

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