That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


1. meet the stokes

My mother is giving me the most evil looks from across the hospital room. She couldn't get that mad at me I mean I'm the one in the hospital bed! I can't believe the doctors left me and my mother alone all the while I have a gaping hole in my leg " 2 inches deep and 4 inches long". But I'm getting ahead of the story......

*2 weeks earlier *

I see cat slam open my door in my room and yell "LIL PUSS TO THE RESCUE" as she tackles me onto my bed. Her name is cat (my lil puss). Cat is my sister aka my bestest friend. She's pretty easy to describe, extremely tall, athletic, and one of the nicest people I know. She's very shy and doesn't curse in front of adults. Me on the other hand.... Well I'm basically the opposite. I wear all black (yes I'm that kid) I'm mean, out spoken and the only exercise I get is lifting the Cheetos from the bag to my mouth. Me and her also look opposite.. She wears sporty things, and I wear things that makes people want to kill themselves. She has medium brown hair while mine is quite rainbow, she's 5"11' and I'm barely 5 foot. She's 16 and I'm 15. There I said it I'm a 5 foot tall 15 year old and she's a 6 foot tall giant slayer.

"YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR AMANDA KUNG FU PANDA BIIIOOOOTTTCHHH" I scream at the top of my deformed little lungs gasping for air after. I pretend to stab her with a quick upper cutting movement and she topples over.

"TIMMERRRR" I scream again getting softer as I speak to imitate the allusion of getting farther away. We play fight like this all the time. I mean some people call it dorky, and those people I feel sad for ( they never had a childhood). Usually she would then quote Star Wars or something but she didn't...

"Shit what's wrong fag? I say still slightly in play mode. I see her face do this kind of contorting move. That's what she does when she's uncomfortable. "What happened" I say again completely out of play mode.

"Mom said she wanted us down there for a 'family meeting' " she says with a sarcastic tone hidden in the speech.

"Damn..... " we both say. There's something you should know about our mother, she really isn't one. My family consists of me and cat and if you count neglecting abusive mothers, then yeah my mom. She's not as bad as other moms i know, but still. She doesn't speak to us ever and when we do it's depressing and sometimes we get punished for it. Catherine never gets punished because she doesn't do anything to piss her off. But I do anything I can to because I will fight for cats happiness , and to make her happy she needs a mom. I don't mind the beatings, they aren't that bad my dad used to do way worse to me when He lived with us that summer.

We both looked at each other like we were about to go to the death row, but worse. This death row would probably come with one of those 'i want to kill myself after this' speeches. We both slowly say up faces blank but rambling inside. She pulled open my door that I broke a while back, and noticed it had a beautiful new dent in it from her earlier in- burst. I'm the most clumsy person in the world, people don't ever let me touch their stuff because they know I'll either drop, smash, break in some way, and\ or loose it (Hence all my things are broken). We clumped down the Stairs and did spy moves around the corners to make she wasn't there. We do this so we can remove anything pointy in the kitchen before we have our 'family meeting'. Once we remove and baby proof the premises, we await her being very still, silent.

*authors note* hello every one this is my first chapter in my first story so like and favorite and alllll tht😘😘

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