That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


8. landing

"Can I show you something?" I said to cat.

"What is it?"

"Well I found this really cool view and I wanted to show you before we leave... Just trust me c'mon" I said quickly hoping she doesn't suspect to much bullshit radiating off me.

"Your so fucking weird you know that amanda... Like seriously damn.. BUT THATS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL"

"CMON faggot let's go" I laughed rolling my eyes. She showed me a total of 20 pictures by the time we got to the window right before the pilots carrier. Ok so my plan is to just "accidentally" see Harry styles... It'll work.

"So it's right over he-" I was interrupted.

"Wait... What's that curtain for.. Wait... Isn't that what they put over celebrity areas... Wait. Why would a celebrity be on a public airplane?"

"Your really annoying you know that? Haha celebrities prolly use public airplanes more then we think." I paused.." Wanna see whose in there? " I tilted my head down and smiled evilly.

"Fucking yes" she did the same thing.

"Let's just peak ok... " I said slowly and darkly.

"Ok.. I'll go first." Wow. That's surprising.

"REALLY?!?, damn I never thought this would happen cat breaking the rules and going first... I've taught you well young grasshopper."

"Bitch you don't knoiooooowwew me!" She laughs uncontrollably.

"shut up and look damn" I said.

"Ok ok chill" she whispered and tiptoed over to the curtain and looked inside. She passed out.

"Cat!!!" Oh my god what a retard. Freight train was inside playing video games with Harry. I ull end cat inside and saw them both open their mouths. Damn this is a situation.

"Ummmmm.... I'm guessing that's your sister.." Harry said.

"Yeahhhhh... Freight train... little help?" I said and he jumped up picked her the fuck up and sat her next to Harry.

"Damn... Well the flight is about to land in 2 hours so we should get this going so you can stay with me" Harry said evilly. I walked over and lightly slapped cat in the face. She screamed.

"SHUT UP FAGGOT" I yelled.

"I'm dreaming im dreaming" she said hazy.

"Yep you are now since it's a dream Harry styles is here and you get to meet with him for a few minutes." I said quietly.

"I've had this dream so many times... But it's ok it neverrrrrrr gets old... So what shall we do this time?" She giggled.

"I think me and freight train should give you guys some alone time.." I said laughing my ass off.

The rest of the ride I slept. Opps. And I left cat with Harry. For two hours. Opps. The seat belt sign had just went off and everyone started to get off.

' we have now reached Bradford, England. You have reached your destination. In a single line on both isles, exit the plane. '

I heard over and over from above. Cat ran back to our seat wide eyed.

"It wasn't a dream was it. I'm going to piss my self. He already left bro and I thought it was a dream. " she whispered. I've never seen this expression on her face before.

"Your welcome haha. Well at least we know where we are and now we get to leave. Let's go"

"I'm never going to breath again" she said.

"Oh come on we need to leave like now!" We started getting our things and we got off the plane. We went through the lobby and through check out and bag search. Once we finished everything we sprinted out of the terminal into fresh air.

"WE ARE FREE ELFS " we both screamed at the too of our lungs. It's funny how we like in sync we each other.

We looked around.

"Shit cat. Were in England."

"Shit amanda. I just met Harry styles"

"Cat forget about it. FUCK"

"Woah what" she said.


"Chill she gave me directions to the nearest bus and an address. The address is the place we are staying. I'm pretty sure it's a guys house"

"Great this is great. So we are going to be living with moms baby daddy."

"It appears so." She said "well damn. We better get on that bus before it leaves us to"

" yeah let's go" we walked down a street and waited at the bus stop that's was conveniently right next to the airport.

I saw a limo parked in the corner and freight train Sat on the bumper signaling to me. Dammit.

"Cat I need to go to the bathroom will you stay here please?"

"Yeah I need to ask about the bus anyways so go ahead." I started walking towards them .

"Wait !" Cat yelled, I turned around. "Don't trip" she smiled. I laughed.

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