That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


4. beginning to see the bright side

Cat could barely move. I had to basically drag her out of he bathroom. Se lay down on her bed. She stayed there the rest of the day. I started packing our things when I realized I'm gonna have a baby sibling. I LOVE BABIES. I don't know why but I just love them. I couldn't think of much except one thing really. What's gonna happen to me and cat when a baby comes into the picture? What little attention my mom gives to us will be ripped away.

By the end of the day my things fit into one and a half big boxes. Which actually made me feel good considering I have never been one to like clothes. Catherine on the other hand took 2 boxes and that's only half. She has alottttt of volleyball stuff.

"Hey... Wow you did a lot.. Sorry. I just can't deal with all this stress.." She said groggy and sad.

"It's ok. I'm actually really excited to have a baby around, But you know it's gonna mean that mom is basically going to disown us..." I said wearily.

"Trust me, it's all I can think about right now" she yawned picking herself up helping me finish her things. We packed up the rest of our things with in the hour. Then we took our bedside table, lamps, draws and anything else we could carry down stairs.

Once we finished taking the last few items down our mother met us in the front near the door.

"Theres going to be a truck out in the street at exactly 7:00 tommorow and at about 3:30pm, it will be taking everything to a cargo ship to go overseas. " mom spoke casually.

As she left, cat broke down. "OVER SEAS?!?!? OH MY FUCKING GOD WE ARE LEAVING AMERICA!!!!!" She sobbed and sobbed, holding me in her lap like a dog considering I'm the size of one anyways. I wasn't sure what the big deal was as long as we weren't moving some where crazy like Germany, I'm not in the mood for learning a new language. I went to sleep that night daydreaming all the places we could go, Australia, South America, Canada even, or better, India. Just as long as we aren't going to England, I'm not sure why but....I don't know I've always hated England.

In the middle of the night I heard something in the bathroom. I went in there to see the window open and cat gone. I jumped out and spotted her thumping her ball agianst the garage wall.

" I get why you don't want to leave America now.." I said looking down.

" yeah, I took me forever to get where I am now."

"And I get that, but your amazing no matter where you go cat, an address won't change that."

" yeah but they might have better players at this new place...and I will have to start at the bottom agian.."

"And you will do fine, you will shoot right back up to that top because your that good. And plus, we can pull so much shit on people and use the excuse 'sorry in America we punch people in the balls for good luck" she laughed so hard at this, she has always loved my sense of humor. My nasty inappropriate humor.

We slowly made our way back in thru the window. Im a monkey so I slipped right in. Cat had a little trouble but she managed. We stayed up all night talking about our plans with the baby, school, friends, boyfriends and everything else. Cat has always done good with school, she's not advanced like me but she's very smart. She's always has a fine time with finding the perfect friends, but thats a place I lack In. Cat has only had one boyfriend in her life, and he broke the shit out of her heart. Now she doesn't want to date. I've never even had a boyfriend. And the truth is, I don't want to it's way to much drama and what's the point of dating so young... It won't go anywhere.

We talked for hours. She could stay up because she had slept the day through, but u could stay up because I've got about 5 sleep disorders, so this was normal. Eventually cat fell back asleep and I started playing video games not caring if it woke her or my mom up, because what I came to realize, was this was going to be our last night in this house. In this state. In this country. And maybe this continent.

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