That one kid

Amanda is Catherine's little sister, everyone knows them at their high school now. Catherine is the one dating a gang member, and Amanda is the one who attacks them regularly, and then fell in love with one..


9. bad start.

I walk power walk over to the limo taking in what was happening. I sigh.

"What is it now? I thought this was over" I said annoyed.

"Will you just get in?" Freight said.

"Ummmm.. Hell to the no!!!" I yelled. I will not get in another transportation vehicle with this boy again.

"Chill I just wanna talk." Said a husky stupid voice that I hate coming from inside.

"And If I don't?" I retorted.

"Easy way or hard way, you chose?" Freight said.

"Ugh. Fine" I sigh, again. I climb in slowly trying not to completely fall into him. But apperently that's not possible. I trip a little, not a lot, and he grabs my arm.

"Get the hell off me dumb fuck" I said.

"I see you still dislike me even AFTER I stayed with your crazy sister and have you not even shown up for two hours!" He closes the door.

"What can I say.... I reallllyyy don't like you" I narrowed my eyes.

"Bullshit.... "He whispered.

"Anyways what do u want I have a bus to catch!?"

"I just wanted to know why you ditched me..."

"I fell asleep." I said innocently.

"Right." He looks down. "And I forgot this." He grabbed my waist and pulled me close. Right as I thought he was going to kiss me I pulled out my plastic knife which actually hurt if used right. But it turns out all he wanted was a hug. I let him hold me for about 2 seconds then I pulled away.

"Bye " I said dryly. I opened the door and he held my wrist.

"Will I ever see you agian?!?" He looked up.

"If I'm lucky.." I said. He smiled. "If I'm lucky I'll never see you ever agian." With that I slammed the door.

"We'll see about that panda!" He screamed out of the top of the car. Did he just call me panda? Hell no.

" FUCK YOU, YOU CUNT PIECE OF SHIT!" I stuck up both of my middle fingers. He found this hilarious.

I booked it down the road towards cat.

"YOU ARE SO LUCKY THE BUS IS LATE" she screamed at me.

"Sorry I... Uh... Got in a fight with some faggot.." I said. She rolled her eyes,

"Of course you did." She sighed. "Well it looks like we are gonna have a long bus ride. At least and hour and a half three hours at most. " She was mad I could tell. I know she just wants to be done with waiting and see where we are doing to be staying for the rest of our childhood.

"Three hours?!?" I exclaimed.

"Yeah if there's really bad traffic." She rolled her eyes. "Apparently it's bad around here."

"Lighten up.. We can look at 1D pics the whollleeeee rideeee" I teased. That band always makes her smile. They come second to me.

"Ohhhhhh iffff you insist." She said pretending like it was some kind of punishment. A huge smile twisted on her face as she saw a commercial truck go by with 1D printed on the side. I hate England.

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