Leaving the Shadows

Darkness. I hate it here, but it keeps me alive, hides me from those who want me dead. Magic. I don't know what to do with it, or how to use it, but I think it's supposed to help me. Hunters. They seem to know how to restrain me from leaving without even knowing I'm here. Kiri. The one thing I have left to care about. The one thing left living for. The one thing keeping me from ending it all, right here, right now. I have to find her. Keep her safe. It's all I want now. It's all I'm asking for. It's all I've been asking for for the past seven years. But there are those that would be ready to kill even her to stop me if they found out she was my only weekness left. Shadows. The one thing holding me back from finding her.


1. Prologue

A mix of rain and sweat rolled down my forehead and dripped from my hair as I leaned against the young oak to catch my breath. But those woods were often times roamed by common villagers that could easily spot me. The witness would only have to yell out my name and an angry mob would be after me in minutes. I would not be spared, and it didn’t seem likely they would show any mercy to Kiri. But if I kept running, with my hood up to hide my face, any townspeople in the woods at this time in the morning probably wouldn’t recognize me. So although I had run many miles from deep in the woods with only short rests about every half hour, I ran on towards town with aching sides.


Two miles later, I was on the outskirts of town. It was about an hour till dawn and nobody was in sight. I ran past the old marketplace filled with golden memories. I ran to Main Street and soon saw the old building in front of me. I left the basket on the front steps and pounded on the front door with my fist before sprinting away. After two minutes, I was beginning to think nobody was going to answer. I was about to go up and pound again when I saw a shadow moving in the window. As a lady opened the door, firelight spilt out through opened door, showing a lady in neon-yellow pajamas. She didn’t see me hiding behind a small bush in the shadows. She did see the basket, though. She picked it up and shrieked in surprize when she saw  Kiri  in it. Startled, she dropped the basket and Kiri  rolled out and down the steps crying. I had to fight every instinct that screamed at me to rush over and cradle Kiri. To comfort the stressed baby crying out for help. But that would ruin everything.

I stayed put. The lady picked up Kiri and the basket and went inside the orphanage as if she didn’t have a care in the world. To this day, I despise that lady’s carelessness. How she hardly noticed Kiri’s distress. And how that would probably affect Kiri’s childhood. I ran away then. Away from the lady that would surely raise Kiri. Away from the old orphanage where I left my heart. Away from Kiri, my beloved daughter.

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