The Butterfly Book of Poems

A compilation of some of my poetry. I really hope you enjoy it. Please like this if you found it interesting and fan me. (I've only just got an account :-) Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this- it means a lot AND who have left comments. :-)


6. Who Are We?

Who Are We?


What is life but a futile attempt 

To unravel our meaning from the mists,

Where do we discover our sanctum lies?

If not to laugh, to love, to need, to cry?


Is life not lake a noisy, obstreperous child,

An aleatoric of outcomes, of people, of frangible beings,

Our jejune actions which cause a cascade of events,

Ouotidian lives we lead from day to day.


Winsome our ways fall affecting out fellows,

A hagiology of people who exemplify our beliefs,

Our values, our bellicosity from day to day,

Who are we and what must we perfect?


And what of our kin?

Who breathe to live to die?

Our beliefs we vindicate and vitiate daily,

Our bewilderment is swathed in layer, upon layer, upon layer,

Of our insecurities we hold deeply,

Embedded in our hearts so elusively?


The tangible taste which we must

Eternally be subjected to by our fore-bearers,

Of bitter regret and disappointment,

Is it not condign that we are doomed

To traipse upon the earth's eternal alley?


To stride among the mortals to whom we owe

Our opulence and our successes in which we lavish,

Is it not then just, to pay our penance?

To pay this price is not excessive or inequitable,

And this we must pay.


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