The Butterfly Book of Poems

A compilation of some of my poetry. I really hope you enjoy it. Please like this if you found it interesting and fan me. (I've only just got an account :-) Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this- it means a lot AND who have left comments. :-)


5. My Nonsense Poem

My Nonsense Poem


I heard a little nonsense,

Whispered in my ear,

It didn't make sense,

This little nonsense.


So I screwed it up,

And threw it down,

Into the dark recess of my mind,

But it tended to elope.


This little nonsense,

Slowly drove me mad,

Crying "Bananas",

Fresh bananas!".


I know not the sense,

Of this little nonsense,

But constantly it nagged:

"Bananas, fresh bananas!"


One day I was strolling by

A stall in the market place,

And should it be selling?

Bananas? Not again!


This little nag in my head,

Started once more,

"Bananas, fresh bananas!"

It yelled and yelled,


Oh, what a bore!


I bought a banana

In the hope that it would cease,

I popped it in my mouth at once,

And swallowed it, one gulp.


One thing I now do know,

From now until never,

That little nonsense went packing,

Never heard of again!


So no, little nonsense,

You did not defeat me!

I sent you packing!

Right out of my left ear!


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