The Butterfly Book of Poems

A compilation of some of my poetry. I really hope you enjoy it. Please like this if you found it interesting and fan me. (I've only just got an account :-) Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this- it means a lot AND who have left comments. :-)


9. Earth


The ocean lies still,

Not a sound,

Then from the water erupts life.

The vacuum of the universe,

Spawns a blue ball,

Smothers her in cotton wool,

And she breathes her first breathe.

Brings blue colour to her cheeks,

As the first rain falls,

She is christened Earth,

And thunder claps,

As Earth screams.

As time washes,

Earth grows older,

Inhabited by dinosaur,

And Earth is young.

But, catastrophe strikes:

A bullet hits Earth

And her dino cells are wiped out!

Someone wants to harm the universe's child,

Poor Earth.

New life inhabits Earth now,

The scientists call them humans,

Germs and bacteria is what they are,

Tearing down Earth's defences,

And slaughtering themselves.

But wait!

A cure emerges!

A cure!

A cure!

But only if the human bacteria want it,

Damage can be prevented,

But can damage be repaired?

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