The Butterfly Book of Poems

A compilation of some of my poetry. I really hope you enjoy it. Please like this if you found it interesting and fan me. (I've only just got an account :-) Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this- it means a lot AND who have left comments. :-)


10. Earth From Space

Earth From Space

In the midst of the oblivion black,

Lies a little black planet,

With caressing mist

Dancing around her circular form.

With her oceans blue,

Forming a skin,

Like a protective layer

Encasing her molten core

Which flows inside her,

Like a heart.

With her splashes of green,

Adding to her great beauty,

Which is unspeakable,

Due to it's awe-shaking elegance.

And when Earth is angry,

Small yellowed creases,

Splash across her brow,

And a mighty roar escapes her mouth,

As her stormy anger consumes her.

So do not mistake little Earth,

For an aurora, nothing more,

As Earth is as real as you or I,

And not just a looker,

In the sky.

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