The Butterfly Book of Poems

A compilation of some of my poetry. I really hope you enjoy it. Please like this if you found it interesting and fan me. (I've only just got an account :-) Thank you everybody who has taken the time to read this- it means a lot AND who have left comments. :-)


2. A Theatre Experience

A Theatre Experience,

The lights flash on,

A buzz expands,

The audience is murmuring,




Back go the curtains,

And on go the limelights,

As the first actors enter stage.


There will be tears and cheers,

Laughs (not half)!


Or feeling down.


As the audience is enthralled,

In culture, stage, drama,

The curtains swoosh shut.


Torch lights are flashing,

Ice-cream boxes crashing

As ushers and usherettes

Guide the mob to the queue.


Then the lights go down,

The band strikes up,

And a hush blankets the hall.


The make or break of the night,

As the finale descends,

And the actors huddle on stage,

A graceful bow is taken,

The curtains crumple shut.


The audience walk out smarting.

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