The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


6. WHAT!!!!!!

Louis's P.O.V.

Back at Liz and Violets flat me and the lads were watching the telly then we heard guys we have an announcement to make Liz and Zayn said in unison.Your pregnant and Zayn's the dad I shout out.Yes Zayn shouted out.No no no no no no Im not pregnant with Zayn's child nor do I be Liz said angrily plus I have a boyfriend she added.I thought Niall was your boyfriend I asked.He is she said.You have 2 boyfriends I shout.No!Niall is my only boyfriend she shouted.Oh ok so what is it and why is it involve us I asked.Well we just want to tell you that I have a sister said Zayn.We know and you have three sisters Doniya,Waliyha,and Saffa I said proudly. Nope Louis only Saffa and Doniya are my real sister but have another sister he said. WHAT who is she! I screamed.I know who said Liz.Who is she I asked shaking her ill tell you if you stop shaking me she said.Ok who is it I begged.First we want to ask you something do we sound the same when we sing she asked?Well first sing together me and the rest of the lads said at the same time.What song Zayn asked?KISS YOU!I scream out.Ok Kiss You it is she answered back sweetly.

Niall's P.O.V.

I listened to Liz sing in her beautiful voice till the end when she sang Im his sister and Zayn at the same time sang shes my sister.Wow you sound the exact same Louis said.Yeah you do and whats up with how you changed the words at the end asked Harry.Did you hear what it said Harry it was them telling us who's Zayn's sister is and its Liz I told Harry.Yep Im a Malik Liz answered back and as she was siting down whispered to me hopefully one day a Horan. Wow so your name is Liz Malik Louis asked interested.Not quiet Louis she said this time with an accent that was the same as Zayn's but more girly.Louis my name is Elizabeth Roselyn Malik but I like being called Liz not Elizabeth she said to Louis then looked back at me with her gorgeous blue eyes filled with love for me.You know one day we will have to change your last name to Horan.Awww Niall your too cute she said kissing my nose.

*two years Later*

Violets P.O.V.

Its been two years sense we met the guys and Harry and Niall asked me and Liz to be their girlfriends.Also there are no more injures and tonight we are going to a club with the guys.I was wearing a kinda light kinda dark pink tight dress and it was short but not to short with sliver heels.My hot pink hair was curl all the way and I just put on some light blush and some lipstick.Liz had a light light pink dress that puffed out more toward the bottom which reached her knees and some hot pink heels.She left her hair the way it was and didn't put on any make up.We were admiring ourselves in the mirror when 2 hot guys walked in hey good look-in Harry called.You don't look to bad your self I said to him.Oh sorry I wasn't talking to you I was talk to Liz Harry told me.Styles you hit on me again I will brake your face for two reasons I have a boyfriend and your my best friends boyfriend Liz said with a serious face then continued to kiss Niall.I was just kidding babe your beautiful and don't they make a cute couple Harry asked with a cupcake face that he knew I couldn't resist. So I gave him a quick kiss to tease him and not ruin my outfit.Lets go I yelled ruining Niall and Liz's moment again.

Liz's P.O.V.

Me and Niall hopped into my black range rover and Violet and Harry got in Violet's red convertible.Finally you drive slow Niall said to me when we pulled up at the club.Your so mean I said back and at least I drive like I should so that I don't cause an accident.We had a quick kiss then hurried inside.

*Two hours later*

Violet's P.O.V.

I was really worried I haven't seen Harry in an hour and a half.I asked Liz if she saw him and she said she hadn't seen Harry or Niall.So I decided to check by the bathrooms.I found Niall but not Harry.Niall was making out with a girl that wasn't Liz so I took pictures and went to find Liz.When I finally found Liz and she said she had something important to tell me.She found Harry but the same ways as Niall.She took me over to were Harry was I saw it tapped Harry and the back and slap Harry right across the face then Liz came over punched him in the gut then kicked him in the balls.Then he fell to the ground.Then I took her to where I saw Niall he was still there with the girl and Liz then bursted into tears so I went to Niall myself but Liz came over slapped him and said looks like you have to find someone else to change their last name to Horan for you because I never will now you stupid jerk and burst into more tears so I decided to take action by punching him in the gut the kicking him in the balls then when he fell to the ground I kicked him again in the stomach till Liz pulled me back and we left.

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