The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


13. soon to be daddy Horan

Niall's P.O.V.

Woke up to my new wife fast asleep next to me.I got up to take a shower and I felt a strange pain on my back so I started to feel my back and it even felt weird so I looked in the mirror and saw I had huge scratch marks on my back and remembered last night.Then I turned around to see my beautiful wife with a smirk on her face.Whats up with the smirk I asked her.Nothing just what happened to your back she said back.So what do you want to do today I asked her.We should go to the beach she screamed.Ok then lets go to the beach then I screamed back.No I have to take a shower first she said.No I have to I told her.No I have to she said back.No me,no me,no me,no me,no me we argued back and forth.Fine then you can take one first she said.No you can take one with me I said winking.Ok but nothing better happen in the shower or nothing will ever happen again ok she said back.Ok princess I told her as we got in the shower.After we got out of the shower we changed in to our swimsuits then headed to the beach.

Harry's P.O.V.

The flats was so quiet.The babies were staying with my parents for the week,Zayn was somewhere with Perrie,Louis was somewhere with Eleanor,and Liam was somewhere with Sophia.Also it was quiet because we didn't have Niall being loud and Liz just sitting there being quiet like always.How do they stay together when she is so quiet and he is so loud.Violet were watching some gossip show and I was on my phone when I heard something that caught my attention.One Direction's Niall Horan was seen on a beach in Paris with Zayn malik's little sister and Niall's supposed new wife Elizabeth Malik.But as you can see in the picture he has huge scratch marks on his back what happened?Did they get in a fight and she clawed him,did he hurt him self,or did they have a little to much fun last.We'll have more info on this story later said the announcer.What the duck screamed Violet.I don't know but lets call them and see what happened I said back.Hello Liz's voice chirped through the phone.Hey Liz did you guys see the news yet I asked trying to hold back my laughs.No why she asked.Just cause someone took pictures of Niall's back and are wondering what happened.Ok thanks for telling us she said back.Ok but before we hang up what really happened I asked.Um Im not going to tell you she said embraced.Tell me or I tell your brother what I think happened I said back.Well what do you think happened she asked.I think that you and Niall had a little bit to much fun.Yes ok Harry your right she said back.Ok bye I said hanging up before she could say anything else.

Liz's P.O.V.

I hung up my phone confused then continued to read my book.Jacob kiss me was all I was to read before I felt someone over my back scenes I was laying on my stomach.Wow your back is so tan Niall said rubbing my back.I know Niall that means I'm done tanning I said flipping on to my back.Next thing thing I knew Niall picked me up bridal style on started carrying me toward the water.No NIALL DONT YOU DARE I screamed before he dropped me into the water.When I got up he started laughing so I slashed him then he splashed me back then we just started a big water fight.When we were done with our splash fight he once again picked me up and started to kiss me.Next thing I knew we were back in the beach house and my bikini top was off.Then once again Niall started kissing my neck.Then our lips met again and he licked my bottom lip asking for entrance but I denied so he tried again but once again I denied.So he decided to tickle my sides and I let out a small laugh and he used that as his chance.Then he pulled down the bottom of my bikini and I pulled down his swimming trucks then we climbed in to bed and continued.I woke up around noon so I decided to take a shower.When I got out of the shower I put on a pair of short jean shorts and my light green belly shirt that said love and a neon green tank top.Then I put my red hair into a messy bun after that I felt really sick and I threw up.I had a bad feeling so I took a pregnancy test and it was positive so I screamed.

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up because I heard a scream and saw that Liz wasn't there so I put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and went to where the scream came from.As I was walking out of the room I walked right in to Liz.Liz why did you scream I asked her concerned.Well Niall I don't know how to tell you this she said back.Tell me what I asked worried.Im pregnant she chocked out before braking out in to tears.Wow thats WONDERFUL I screamed out happily.Im going to be a dad I continued.And I will be a mom Liz said happily.Yeah and we should probably leave now to go home then I added.Yeah your right she agreed.

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