The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


7. make ups,fights, and engagements

*Two days later

Liz's P.O.V.

I woke still crying I had tons of texts and calls from the guys mostly Niall.He was calling so I answered.What I screeched into the phone.Liz Im so sorry I was drunk I didn't know what I was doing he begged please just meet me at Starbucks in 45 minuets and we can talk about it please.Ok I said just remember thought Niall no matter what you do I will all ways love you Niall I managed to chock out.I love you so much and you mean everything to me Niall I cried.I love you exactly the same maybe even more Liz I have been waiting along time for a girl like you Niall said back.Niall just meet me there in ten minuets I just want to see you I said back to him.Ok love see in 10 minuets he said back.After the call was over I threw on a pair of light blue skinny jeans and a light green crop top that said LOVE with a light green tank top underneath and my light blue converse.But before I left I grabbed my petticoat and headed towards the door but I stopped because I saw Violet and Harry making out awww their back together.After that I left to go get my blonde angle back.When I got there I practically jumped into his arms.I missed you sooooooo much I told him before he passionately kissed me.I missed you too he said before my phone rang.Hello I answered.............

Violet's P.O.V.

I just found out was pregnant.Guess who the father.Harry is.Now the hard part telling everyone.I decided to call Liz knowing she was with Niall and tell they to get their butts back here now.After that I called everyone else.Later we were all at mine and Liz's flat.Guys we have an announcement to make I told all of them.What is it Vi Liz said with a concerned look on her face.Nothing just we're pregnant!What screamed Liam and Louis as they jumped out of their seats.Harry your pregnant screamed Louis.No Violet is but I'm the father said Harry.What Liam screamed again.You got my little sister pregnant he once again screamed.What Liz screamed this time.Violet I told you Zayn was my brother but you didn't tell me Liam was your brother she screamed.Liz I don't know why I didn't tell you I said back.Violet I thought we told each other everything she said back.Well I guess we didn't I said back just as angry as her.You know what just never talk to me again Violet ok she said before grabbing her coat and keys then leaving.Ah I hate her sooooooo much I say to no one.Vi you don't mean that Liam said sadly.Yeah and Liz didn't mean that either Zayn said in a worried tone I hope she'll be ok thought he continued.

Liz's P.O.V.

I was so mad at Violet and at the boys none of them told me about how Violet and Liam were brother and sister.I went to one of the only places I know the boys and Violet wouldn't find me at Doniya and Saffa's house in Bradford.Sure it was an hour way but I don't care I just wanted to get way from all of them of a while.

Niall's P.O.V.

It's been 6 hours since Liz stormed out.I hope she's ok.If anything happened to her I would die she is everything to me.We have been looking for her for 4 hours we tried calling her and texting her but she never answered back.Zayn got so worried that he called his other sisters. They said that she was there but she was really upset that Violet kept a secret like that from her when she told her that she was Zayn's sister.I tried calling again and this time she answered.Hey Niall her voice shaky from crying.Hey babe I would have told you if I knew I just found out today I'm sorry I said to her.Its ok Niall and I heard what she said she butt dialed me she said and you could tell she was crying.Babe stay there Im on my way ok I said to her not really needing an answer.Ok love see you soon she said with her accent which she did usually after she told us she was Zayn's sister.Bye I answered.Bye Niall she said trying to hold back tears.

Harry P.O.V

Niall just told Violet that she butt dialed Liz and she heard her say that Violet hated her.But Violet didn't seem to care.One more thing Im going to talk to Liz and I told her I would be there as soon as I can Niall told all of us.Im going with you called out Zayn,me to she could use some cheering up said Louis.Im going to said daddy direction.Harry are you coming to or are you and Violet going to stay here Louis asked.I don't think they should see each other right now so I don't think thats a good idea Louis I answered back.Yeah he's right said Liam.Bye they yelled in perfect unison.

Zayn's P.O.V

When we got there Liz was with Saffa giving each other make overs and laughing.Saffa saw me standing there with the guys Zayn,Louis,Niall,Liam she screamed as she ran to us.Hey Saffa your make up looks pretty I told my youngest sister.Thanks Zayn Liz did it she can do your make up too she asked back with a sweet smile.I'll tell you what how about you do my and the boys make up then we'll go out for ice cream and we leave Liz and Niall alone so they can talk ok.Ok lets go she screamed.

Liz's P.O.V.

As soon as the rest of the guys left I broke down crying.Niall ran over and started hugging me and sing softly to try to calm me down.Niall I said in to his shoulder what he answered back sweetly Thank you I said back.For what he asked.For everything like always being there when I cry and staying with me even thought I have a messed up life I told him.Elizabeth Roselyn Malik you do not have a messed up life you are perfect and any guy would be luck to you have you so Im one of the luckiest guy in the world because I have you he whispered to me and thats when I couldn't hold back the rest of my tears and I started crying even more but they were tears of happiness.You know Liz you mean the world to me and I love you so much he said starting to cry him self.Then he got down on one knee.Elizabeth Roselyn Malik will you make me the luckiest man alive by doing me the honor of being my wife he asked with a beautiful ring with a diamond in the middle then it was surrounded by sapphires which was mine and his birthstone.I sat there not able to say anything nodding my head like an idiot crying even more tears of happiness till Niall gave me the most passionate kiss ever.Our lips were moving in sync and things were starting to get heated till Louis ran in screaming look at my beautiful make up!Oh and Niall what did she say he once again screamed.What do you think Louis I asked holding up the hand the ring was on.OMG he screamed girl your getting married he said trying to be sassy.Yeah girl I said back and we all bursted out laughing.Wait did you tell Zayn I asked worried.Yeah and he said it was about time that I asked you he answered and we all bursted out laughing again.

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