The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


3. love is in the air

Liz's P.O.V.

Niall took me onto the bus and sat me on the counter and started to get the makeup off of my face.Then I looked up I saw his beautiful blue eyes looking into mine leaning closer then we heard a moan knowing it was Violet and Harry we decided to watch a movie we sat on the couch and I had my head on his chest with his arms wrapped around me protectively and I fell asleep that way.

Violet's P.O.V.

I woke up next to Harry remembering the night before I threw my dress back on and walked into the front room were I found Liz asleep on Niall's chest with his arms around her and his head on hers."Thats adorable "I heard voices behind me so I turned around and Harry,Liam,and Louis were in their boxers and Sophia was in Liam's shirt and Eleanor was in Louis's shirt.Then there was Zayn in shorts and a t-shirt and he looked mad.Then slowly Niall woke up and smiled at how he fell asleep with Liz on his chest.

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke to the most beautiful girl in the world asleep on my chest.This is the girl that I loved.I wondered how she felt.A few seconds later she woke up and started to blush.She knew that it was noticeable because she wrapped her arms around my neck and hide her face.So I whispered to her "lets go on a walk" then she whispered back "sure" and we left.When we got to the river i started to say to her "Liz from the moment I first saw you I fell in love with you but I don't want to ruin our friendship if you" was all I could say before she kissed me and I stood there in shock then she pull away and said "sorry" and started to walk away.

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