The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


5. fights and oh no's

Violet's P.O.V.

Zayn looked so mad I asked him "whats wrong" and he said "nothing" and stormed off the bus.When he got outside Niall went up to him to ask what was wrong and he hit him in the face.Which started a huge fight and I went to make sure Liz was ok also I called the boys outside to brake up the fight.Liz fell to the ground and cried I asked her "whats wrong"and she said "just bad memories of my dad" just as she finished we heard a voice scream "WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT ME BITCH"!!It was her dad he went right after Liz grabbed her arm and started to drag her way she scream loudly in pain.The guys all stopped what they where doing and looked up.The guys just stood there so I ran up to them a grabbed Liz's other arm trying to get her away from her dad but it just hurt her worst and she was now crying out in pain just then Harry ran out and pulled her dad away and Liz once again fell to the ground but this time in pain not sadness.On her arm was now a bruise and her whole arm was red.About five minuets later the police showed up and took her dad to jail and the took Liz to the hospital.

Zayn's P.O.V.

What the heck just happened.One minuet I had just hit Niall the next it turned in to a full out fight."WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO" screamed Violet."I don't know he hit me in the face so I hit him back then we started to fight" Niall said with a sad look on his face."Ok Zayn why did you hit Niall" Violet asked me like I was her child."I don't really know anymore ok" I say."Zayn I think you do know do you just want to talk to me about it" Liam asked."Sure whatever Liam" I told him.So we stayed there while the others went to the hospital but as soon as they where out of sight Liam said "spill it".So I told him the whole story.

Liam's P.O.V.

"WHAT!!You like Liz" I screamed at Zayn."Yes I do" he yelled back."Well she loves Niall Zayn" I told as calmly as I could."How do you know" he said back to me."The way she looks at him,the way she acts when they touch,and how happy she looks when they kissed and I heard her say I love you too Niall earlier today" I told Zayn and her started to smile."Dude if you like her then why are you smiling at the fact that she likes Niall" I asked him."What I don't like her I love her more then anything shes my baby" he said with a serious face."WHAT"!I screamed at him "NIALL LOVES HER AND SHE LOVES HIM"! I screamed."WHAT I didn't mean that way she is My LITTLE SISTER" Zayn screamed."WHAT! so her name Liz Malik" I asked?"No her name is Elizabeth Roselyn Malik" Zayn told me."Wow she has a pretty name" I said.Don't talk about my sister like that Zayn said."Zayn stop being so over protective over your sister she is 18 Zayn your 20 and Niall is 19" I told him."Zayn its not like he's 35 he is just a year older Zayn" I continued."Also we should probably should get to the hospital" I told him."Yeah we should" he said.

Liz's P.O.V.

At the hospital I found out that I had a broken wrist.Also my brother Zayn broke my boyfriends nose and he had to get stitches yeah Niall's my boyfriend and yep Zayn's my brother.Then once again I was alone with Niall till my brother barraged in screaming "Niall I'm so sorry please forgive me brother"."Ok ok i'll forgive you if you let me go" he said in his sexy accent and I just wanted to grab him and kiss him but I couldn't because my brother was right there."Liz Im so sorry I didn't stop dad and got in a fight with Niall I was just being all over protective big brother will you ever forgive me" Zayn begged."Zayn stop begging or I won't forgive you and you don't have to apologize to me you didn't hit me you hit Niall and you didn't hurt my arm dad did ok Zayn so stop apologizing you didn't do anything" I said starting to cry a little.Zayn was also starting to cry when he said "Liz how long has he been hurting you for"?"Ever sense you left" I cried out thinking of the memories."Liz Im so sorry if I stayed there then he he would of hurt me or I could have helped you" he said trying to fight back tears "what was worst he ever hurt you" he choked out."When he gave concussion" I said while the memory played in my head........."its all your fault" my dad screamed at me "its all your fault your mom is dead and its all your fault your brother left" he screamed again this time slapping me in the face as I fell to the ground I let out a small scream which I learned the hard way not to so he started to kick me in the stomach then walked away I thought it was over but her came back and hit me in the head with a vase of flowers from my friends and after that I blacked out.I stopped remembering those sad times and all the boys were back and so was Violet it turned out out that I said everything from that memory out loud they were all crying once they saw me looking up they ran over and hugged me.We stayed like that for about an hour then the doctor walked in and said "you can now leave if you want".

Zayn P.O.V.

I hate him.I hate him.Was all that going thought my head.What kind of dad could do that to his daughter.He always used to call her his little princess.Well what dad would hurt his little princess.Well at least she now has someone to call her his princess that will even treat her like a queen.Hey Liam was right she looks so happy with Niall.He looked like he felt the same way and he was even sharing his food with her and helping her because her arm was in a cast.Then she walked over and said Zayn I think we should tell them now she said so I just nodded because I knew I had no choice.

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