The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


14. bad news cause bad things

*Nine month later

Liz's P.O.V.

We were at the doctors office getting another ultrasound done.Well ok Mr. and Mrs. Horan it looks like you have two heathy baby girls.What were having twins I asked excitedly.Yes you are he said back.I looked over at Niall who looked so happy that I thought he could explode.Ok Niall don't get to excited we still have to tell the lads I said laughing.Ok then lets go he said pulling me to the car.When we were all back at Violet and harry's flat we got them all in the living room and said guys we have an announcement to make.Your pregnant its easy to tell because no offense but your fat and you have been wearing leggings and sweats for a while now Louis said proudly.Wow for once he is right.The rest of the guys sat there shocked for a second then started to shout Niall's going to be a dad and I just stood there and laughed.Then Niall even posted it on twitter @Niall_official:@Lizzybella and I are going to be the proud parents to two beautiful baby girls soon:)!!!!!!And it already got 100 likes I couldn't believe that everyone was taking it so well.Then Liam got a phone call.Hello he said.What no we all have important things going out right now he said angrily.Fine but they wouldn't like this was all he said before hanging up.Guys I got bad news we leave for a year long tour next week he said sadly.What we all screamed out in perfect unison.

Richard's P.O.V.

Ok sir your free to go said the officer.Thank you I said back.Man did I hate my slut of a daughter for getting me locked in here.I would get her back for this some how.I checked into a hotel and started my research.I found some wedding pictures of her and some blond guy who was friends with Zayn.Oh so the slut married her brothers friend I thought to my self.Then I found a tweet from that same guy with her tagged in it.So she pregnant with twins looks like I will be taking out three things that don't deserve to live.I found their address hoped in to a car and drove to their house.

Liz's P.O.V.

I was walking down the stairs in my and Niall's flat to the living room where everyone was when the front door swung open a there stood my dad.I screamed then he pushed me to the ground and I tried to block my stomach from his kicks till I blacked out.

Zayn's P.O.V.

We herd a scream so we hurried toward the front door were I saw my dad repeatedly kicking Liz.When he saw me he stop and came towards me saying Zayn I missed you so much I came in and saw your sister asleep on the floor so I started nudging her with my foot to try to get her up.Yeah nice try dad last time you saw her you hurt her and she told about the other times.Why did you do that to her dad I asked sadly.Zayn I did that to her because she wasn't you and she wasn't your mother and she didn't look like you or your mother so I didn't care anymore I just wanted you or your mother and to not her look at her she is a slut who doesn't deserve to live he answered back.Dad your the one that doesn't deserve to live she is wonderful and loves everyone including you I said back trying to hold back tears.Yeah right he said back she doesn't love me.Dad your wrong again she cries her self to sleep ever night because she thinks that she isn't the daughter that you want and that you don't love her like she loves you and dad Im pretty sure the only people she loves more then you are mom,Niall,and the twins I said.Then my dad just sat there crying and I sat by him crying till the ambulance came to take my little sister to the hospital.

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