The night i'll remember

Liz and her best friend Violet were on there way to a One Direction concert when they met some people that would change their lives forever.

Small sex scenes not very graphic


1. meeting them

Liz's P.O.V

Hi im liz short for Elizabeth.I have long curly light red hair and light blue eyes.My best friend is Violet.Me and violet are more like sisters and we do everything to together.Also I love One Direction and my favorite Niall.But I have a HUGE secret.

Violet's P.O.V

Hi im Violet.I hot pink hair that is straight till it gets to the bottom then it is curly and I have light green eyes.My best friend is Liz.Me and Liz are the super close and we are like sisters.I also love One Direction and my favorite is Harry and I also have a HUGE secret.

Liz's P.O.V

"Hurry up Vi" I called up the stairs."Im coming" she screamed coming down the stairs wearing a light pink summer dress and her favorite purple wedged sandals."Wow Vi you look good" I say.I was wearing white leggings a black florrel skirt and shirt then a white sweater with silver flats."Ok lets go to the 1D concert" Violet screamed."Stop screaming" I screamed and we left."Well Vi you get to see your husband!"I say.I"m going to murder you" she screamed."Yeah right Vi" I screamed back then we both laugh the whole way there.

Violet's P.O.V

Liz didn't want to drive her black range rover so we took my car which was a red convertible."So what seats did you get" I asked Liz."Front row with back stage passes" she screamed."Yes" I screamed."Vi look out" Liz screamed at the top of lungs because I almost crashed into a tour bus in front of us."Woah that was close" I said and liz looked like she was about to kill me so I calmly got out of the car then I ran screaming "she is trying to murder me".Then I ran into thee Harry Styles and Liz stop chasing me and stood there shocked.

Harry's P.O.V

The bus had just broke down and me and the lads heard someone screaming."I'll go check it out" I told the lads.Right when I got to the end of the bus I ran right into the most beautiful girl I have ever seen."Whats wrong love" I asked the beautiful girl in my arms."Nothing its just my friend over there was trying to murder me because I almost crash my car" she said pointing at the red head who was walking backwards to their car.I leaned in to kiss her just then the lads walked out and her friend darted the rest of the to the car."Whats wrong with her" the lads asked in unison."Nothing she is just very shy" said the beautiful girl."Oh" we all said."Oh and by the way Im Violet and the red head is Liz"."Well I call Liz" said Zayn."Not if I get there first" screamed Niall."Ok then I'll go with them to make sure that the don't do anything stupid" said Liam which left me,Louis,and Violet.

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