My Biggest Fear Came True

This a true story about how my fears came realtys in 2014….Some are them are hart breakening but i have learned how to face them….


1. January 8,2014

One of my fears came into reality on January 8th,2014….. I got out of school and went to church to mentor kids like i always did and i felt empty i didn't know what was wrong me you know how you get that feeling something happened but you don't know what it is well I had that feeling… I get a call from my mom and she is frantic and said you need to meet me outside we got to go. I could tell something was wrong…I leave my friend sarah with the kids and go meet my mom outside.& I say mom whats wrong& she said Your Nanny got killed today by a drunk driver in Mobile today….Then tears started running down my face…. I didn't know what to say or do…We had go find my sister she was teaching a color guard class…& tell her and then we had to head up to my papas house.My three siblings and I were all together I have a 17 yr old sister and 14 yr old sister and a 9 yr old brother.When we got there we were all crying and it was just horrible i have never seen my sisters cry till then or my brother.I tried to stay strong but it just didn't happen I had all these thoughts going through my head why me? why couldn't be anyone else….
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