The Boy Who Always Was

"I can feel him. In my dreams, my heart... He's my everything. So whoever did this to him? Is going to pay."

Lucy Stewart lives with the knowledge that her life will never be full of love and happiness as it once was. But why? Little does she know that she's being haunted by the one person who she had hoped to forget about. A boy who she once loved and cherished...
A boy who was murdered in front of her eyes.


3. Stacey and her minions


Chapter 2

I never really understood Keiran. Not like I really wanted to anyway... I knew he had his reputation to uphold and so did I. He respected that I didn't want everyone to know about our relationship, which made loving him that much easier. He understood that I didn't want his friends to find out about us.

His friends were the reason I was different. Unwanted. 

Well... I say his friends but I really mean 'Stacey'. Just thinking about her is making me want to throw up. 

Stacey was the kind of girl that made even a bin bag look good. Clearly she made everybody around her take a hit on their self esteem and this was how she liked it. She liked to be in control of everything and everyone. Little did I know that Kieran was next on her "Boyfriend" list or as I liked to call it... "Her victim list". Her perfect figure and blonde hair was a lethal combination to guys with hormones. She was beautiful... and boy did she know it.

This is why I try to remember to keep my temper under control, at two o'clock. Every. Single. Day. 

Stacey slammed her fist against my locker, just as I shut it after putting my books away. Glaring at the pale green paint in front of me I took in three deep breaths. Breathe. One. Two. Thr-

She grabbed my wrist and forcefully turned me to face her. Her spotless face was pulled into a sneer as she observed my clear wrong outfit choice. I subconsciously used my other hand to fiddle with my denim jeans, and turned in my feet with my worn through converses.  Damn. She was like a princess compared to me...

"Morning dweeb" She sneered. Her minions chuckled beside her, their faces both masked in the same disgust as Stacey. Katy and Soph were their names. Idiots...

"Stacey" I nodded at her. "Hey Katy... Soph"

"How many times dweeb" Stacey said leaning forward towards me "Sophie doesn't want to talk to you."

"I...I...I know she doesn't"

"Then why did you talk to her then"

"I...I wa-"

"Well" she interrupted, stamping on my foot with her stiletto "Answer me." 

"Sorry, it won't happen again." I groaned bitting my lip and blinking ferociously as I tried to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill over. 

"Good." She said leaning closer still "Now be a good girl and apologise to Sophie for being a b**ch... Or else."

"Sorry Sophie" I said looking at her over Stacey's shoulder "I won't speak to you again." 

"There you go dweeb" she said taking her shoe of my foot "That wasn't so hard was it". I shook my head and lowered my gaze to the floor, not wanting to anger her further. "You know, I don't really blame Sophie for leaving you for me." She said leaning even closer to me, so our noses were practically touching. "You're a worthless rat. A little b**ch and you don't deserve to live. Isn't that right girls?" 

"Yes" They both said, nodding in union.

"We do this for your own good you know" Katy said leaning towards me, over Stacey's back

"Yeah. We do it cause we care" giggled Sophie, putting a hand over her mouth. I clenched my fists and snapped my head up to glare at Sophie, managing to hit Stacey in the face in the process. Oh, God. I was going to pay for that.

"You little whore!" Stacey yelled at me while clutching her nose. Her minions began searching through their bags, desperately looking for some tissues to stop her bleeding nose.

"Sorry..." I said fumbling with my pockets to find a clean tissue " I didn't mean to, honest"

"You are going to pay for this. Mark my words." Stacey pushed me one handed backwards into my locker and jabbed me in the chest "I am going to make you pay in ways you cannot understand, you cow." and with that she turned on her heel, minions in tow. 

S**t. I thought panting heavily as I realised what I had done. 

It was then that it dawned on me that my encounter, with Stacey, had attracted quite a bit of attention. There was a literal circle of people surrounding my locker. S**t I repeated to myself as I locked gazes with each and everyone of those people. That could have gone better.

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