The Boy Who Always Was

"I can feel him. In my dreams, my heart... He's my everything. So whoever did this to him? Is going to pay."

Lucy Stewart lives with the knowledge that her life will never be full of love and happiness as it once was. But why? Little does she know that she's being haunted by the one person who she had hoped to forget about. A boy who she once loved and cherished...
A boy who was murdered in front of her eyes.


5. Cafe vibes

Chapter 4

Keiran sat opposite me in the cramped booth, watching me. It was making me self conscious. I coughed, trying to wake him up from his staring which, of course, made him grin wider. 

"What is it that you want, Keiran?" I sighed, rolling my eyes as I did so.

"Want?" he asked.

"Yes: want. You didn't ask me here just to eat food, I'm not stupid."

"On the contrary," he said, leaning backwards and putting his hands behind his head. "I didn't ask you here as some mad plot to expose you as you clearly think I did. I asked you here for a bite to eat. Which, as you said and not me, now makes you 'stupid' for assuming the worst".

I stood up and glared at him, but thought better of it and sat back down. "And why would you want 'a bite to eat' with me?"

"Well, why wouldn't I?"

"Why would you." I shot back, my temper finally getting the better of me. "Guys like you don't do this kind of stuff to girl-"

"To girls like you," he finished with a sigh. "Yeah, I know" 

I leaned forward and put my shaking hands together on the table. He watched me and frowned at me, clearly confused by my change of emotions. The cafe seemed to become still as he leaned towards me, mimicking my own movements. "You know I'm not like other guys, right?"

"You are, though."

"What makes you say that?" he asked, taking one of my clammy hands into his own. "I don't understand why you would say that to me."  

"Stop," I snapped, pulling my hand firmly out of his and placed them both on my lap. "Don't touch me"


"Hi," the waitress interrupted, appearing suddenly at my side. "Can I take your order?"

I lowered my eyes quickly to my entwined hands as I tried not to look at the waitress, who was staring at my bruises. Great. This day keeps getting better and better. 


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