The things we do in the name of love (poems)


1. Just one

I thought I loved you once

and I thought you cared

I was stupid enough to fall for all your dumb lies

Why did I not notice???

What you did to me

Was beyond a joke

The way you treated me was not how show me, I supposed to be your girlfriend and you used my feelings towards you as joke

You just played with my feelings and treated them as your own personal joke

You said you loved me, but you never showed it

I really do hate you, I hate you more then I could ever hate anyone.

That's a Poem to the prick who I hate

Poem for person that I do love

I love you most, in the whole wild world

I'll do anything for you, in the name of love

I trust you, you don't need to ask if I do. In the name of love

Those three little words pop up all the time, and no I don't believe in love and don't care what anyone says about that either

The things we do in the name of love!


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