dark moon

a twilight fanfiction.


15. Chapter 13 The Volturi

My mind was made up.
I was going to the Volturi to be killed.
The final act of my miserable protracted existence was to ensure I was destroyed.
There was no possibility of me living out endless days of emptiness without Bella’s presence on this planet.
If Bella was leaving this world – I was too.
I would follow her and attempt to access the pearly gates of heaven.
I doubted my chances entirely, because I wasn’t entirely convinced I had a soul; but still I hoped.
I had thought about going to the Volturi before this occasion – the spring when James stole Bella from me.
I recollected the conversation I had with Bella on her 18th birthday before the fateful party.
“Last spring, when you were… nearly killed…Of course I was trying to find you alive, but part of my mind was making contingency plans. Like I said it’s not as easy for me as it is for a human.”
She shook her head at me and asked, “Contingency plans?”
“Well I wasn’t going to live without you, but I wasn’t sure how to do it – I knew Emmett and Jasper would never help…so I was thinking I would go to Italy and provoke the Volturi.”
I pulled myself out of the memory.
How many times had Bella almost been killed because of me?
And this time I hadn’t been there to save her. It was entirely my fault that Bella was dead now. If I’d just gone back to check on her; to ensure that she was at least safe if not yet entirely happy…
The crushing pain of my loss seared through my body, but it did not weaken me this time; I knew that before long it would all be over.
The Volturi were an ancient vampire family that resided in Volterra, in the Tuscan region of Italy.
I had never encountered them myself but I’d heard of my father’s brief experience with them many times, and in conjunction with the memories I’d heard him replaying in his head, I knew everything that I needed to know for my purpose.
The Volturi consisted of the three elders; Aro, Caius and Marcus – the night time patron of the arts as I had once told Bella. Additionally, there were the elder’s wives, and their guard, making them the largest coven of vampires that existed together. Their unity gave them power, but wasn’t the only attribute that made them superior.
Members of the guard were selected specifically for their vampire ability; each had a unique power that that would contribute to and enhance their already formidable force.
They were an elite coven and they thought of themselves as law enforcers and acted to keep the existence of our kind secluded.
Any of our kind who exposed us would be severely punished, as the consequences were instant death.
It was essential that I moved with great haste.
I wanted it to be over; I didn’t want time to think about the consequences of my actions. I didn’t want to think of my loyal and loving family and the effect that my death would have on them.
I departed the old abandoned warehouse and sprinted into the nearby forest. I was only vaguely aware of the astoundingly picturesque surroundings. I believed that Bella would like Brazil. She would like the beauty; the endless shades of green in the Amazon, and she would love to see the sun shine brightly and feel the heat on her skin. It would have been a perfect location for us to have come together.
My body shuddered slightly as I ran – I didn’t desire to think of what could have been.
I raced in the direction of the nearest city.
I didn’t even think about where I was going – my body was impetuous. I let my subconscious guide me forward to my destination.
My final destination.
Somewhere along my journey I vanished in my own thoughts and retained memories.
Every inch of my mind was consumed; reminiscing about every moment I had ever spent with Bella, every feature of her body that I had memorised before I left, every time our skin touched, every time our lips met…every little thing.
I heard nothing except Bella’s sweet voice and the gentle pounding of her heart.
I felt nothing except Bella’s warm soft arms wrapped tightly round my torso, embracing me.
I saw nothing except Bella’s striking face with her welcoming chocolate brown eyes gazing into mine.
I smelt nothing except Bella’s fragrant scent.
I thought about everything…everything except Bella being gone. I refused to think of that.
My hand was in my pocket clutching the only connection I had left to Bella – the lemonade bottle lid. If it was possible it made my memories clearer.
A sudden jerked movement brought me out of my delusion and back into reality. My eyes flashed open and I took a quick intake of breath as I gazed around me.
I was unaware of where I was and how much time had passed.
I was on a plane.
I gazed out of the small rectangle window into the darkness and recognised the bright lights of Florence.
I was in Italy.
How did I get here? I wondered, but I had no recollection of the events that had brought me here, but I knew the reason why.
Bella was dead.
Gone forever.
And soon, I would be too.
Luck was on my side as I exited the airport. The sun was beginning to rise over the horizon, slowly starting to break through casting shadows over the ancient city.
I decided to run to allow myself time to prepare for the meeting ahead of me.
My plan was to just be direct and ask the Volturi for death. This way no harm could be caused to others, and accidents could be avoided. It was the simplest and easiest solution.
Would they grant my request willingly?
What if they denied me the right to die, or whatever it was my kind did?
How would I be able to convince them to rid the world of me?
Maybe I could use their thoughts to my advantage by attempting to provoke them.
However I did not intend to disrespect anybody, mostly because of the trust that Carlisle had gained with the Volturi before he had discovered me or the rest of family. I wouldn’t want to make things difficult for him.
I just wanted my life to end.
The historic city of Volterra rose into view as I ran speedily towards it. It was breathtakingly scenic. It was a shame that I couldn’t fully appreciate it, but I wasn’t there to see the sites.
I pushed myself forward, eager to make my demands to the vampires residing there.
I reached the wall encircling the city. I scanned my surroundings to ensure I was not being watched, before I scaled the side of the large stone fortification and leapt down. I had reached my final destination. 
There were not many people around so I was able to inconspicuously stalk round the perimeter of the walls and find a space in the shadows out of the brightly shining sun.
I searched for the entrance into the Volturi’s lair by looking into people’s thoughts for directions.
I turned a corner down a narrow darkened cobbled street when I came across a distinct scent.
Two forms stood at the end of the street facing out onto a large midtown square.
I approached them carefully, not wanting to surprise them and cause a disturbance.
I saw from their thoughts, they were two members of the guard. Felix and Demetri were their names.
I had heard about Demetri before, he was the skilled tracker that Carlisle had informed me of before I left of my hunt for Victoria.
“Excuse me, Gentlemen.” I spoke as I drew near to them. It felt strange hearing my own voice after hardly using it for so many months. But I had to be courteous even though I just wanted to scream at them to kill me. My numb body cried out to be filled with pain instead of being hopelessly empty.
Demetri and Felix turned their brawny bodies to face me. They watched me intently as I halted in front of them.
“Who are you?” Demetri grunted.
“My name is Edward Cullen. I am here for an audience with your masters. Would you be so kind as to take me to them?” I replied politely.
“Cullen?” Demetri asked. He must be one of Carlisle’s boys. He thought.
“Yes, my surname is Cullen, and yes I am one of Carlisle’s son’s.”
“I didn’t ask that –“
“But you thought it though.” I interrupted him.
Demetri gaped at me, trying to understand how I knew that.
“He can obviously read minds.” Felix said as he nudged Demetri out of his stare. “What is the nature of your business here, Mr Cullen?”
“It is a confidential matter.”
“Very well, come on. We will show you the way.”
Felix gestured for me to follow them as they walked back down the street I had come from. We turned down a constricted alleyway hidden from view. I could just see the bright sun at the other end when Felix and Demetri stopped in front me. The alleyway slanted downwards slightly towards a dead end. I wondered where they were taking me. Their thoughts showed no sign of aggression or planned attack.
Then I saw an opening in the cobbled pavement. Felix dropped effortlessly down, and Demetri signalled me to follow. I landed onto an underground street, with Demetri suddenly appearing behind me. The tension grew, and my numb form ached to get the meeting over with. I was glad when Demetri and Felix took off in a run. I pursued them effortlessly and soon enough we were arrived at an elevator that ascended to a reception area.
I let out a silent sigh.
We were here.
Seeing as you can hear my thoughts anyway, wait here. Demetri ordered in his head.
I stiffed a nod as he and Felix disappeared down a corridor.
I smelled a scent, a human scent before I heard the person enter the room.
My throat burned furiously.
I hadn’t hunted in a considerable amount of time.
I had not realised before, that I was incredibly thirsty. The numbness and the pain I had encountered previously overpowered my thirst. But now, being alone in the small area with this fragile human…I wondered if the Volturi would be angry if I drained their dainty slave.
“Hello, there, I’m Gianna.” She spoke. “Please take a seat while you wait.”
“Thanks.” I mumbled.
Oh, another beautiful one. He looks sad; maybe I should ask him if he is okay. Gianna thought to herself.
“I’m fine thank you.” I replied without thinking.
She realised instantly what my vampire ability was, and blushed slightly. Her blush reminded me of how Bella used to blush in embarrassment so often. I would soon be with her. I would soon be able to see her blush again. I hoped.
Several minutes later, a small brown haired girl appeared.
“Well Hello Edward, It is very nice to meet you. I am Jane. If you would please follow me, Aro, Caius and Marcus would like to greet you.”
As I followed her, I started to feel anxious.
I kept thoughts of Bella in my mind, they calmed me, and gave me courage and enhanced the sheer determination I had for what I was about to do.
We walked into an old stone room. No windows for sunlight to enter. It was a throne room by its appearance.
I recognised Aro, Caius and Marcus, the Volturi leaders standing in the middle of the room from the canvas in my father’s office.
“Edward!” Aro called, as he made his way towards me. “I’m very pleased to finally make your acquaintance. Brother’s, this is our old friend, Carlisle’s son. How is dear Carlisle?”
“He is well thank you.” I replied.
“Why have you come here, Edward?”
I glanced around to Felix, Jane and Demetri all standing at the doors, as if they were blocking my exit.
“Felix, Demetri, Jane, please leave us if you will.” Caius ordered.
All three stalked out of the room.
“Now Edward, what is it you want?”
“I have come to request to die.”

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