Just want to be a singer...

Just a girl with big dreams...


1. everything starts from here...

"Every things gonna be alright" her heart is just pumping so fast.she feels a lot of stress.

She is looking at her dark vans.

She looks forward to the line infront of her.

They are all young boys and girls who are waiting .

The girl who is standing behind comes a little bit forward and says: OMG are you a singer??your voice is just amazing!

-oh no I'm not a singer but thanks.

She feels a little bit of happiness in her heart but she is blushing.she can't believe that somebody likes her voice.

-"Jessica smith" the man calls her

-"oh it's my turn" she takes a deep breath and then she walks through the door.

-hi !are you jessica ? Take a sit please

-yes sir thanks.

Her leggs shaking but she sits.

-ms.smith tell me about yourself!

-oh well i'm 17 and i live with my father.my mom passed away when i was 8 .i have 2 little brothers .i really need this job because i want to be a help for my father.

Employer writes some words on his paper .

-ms.smith thanks for your informations we will call you soon.

She takes a deep breath and goes out.

After a few days

Her phone is ringing....

-hello is this ms.smith?

-yes and you are?

-i'm calling from Bobby's restaurant.i wanted to tell you about the job.be happy because you get the job!



-thank you so much about your call .

-your welcome ! And i wanted to say that you should be here at 8 on Monday!


"YEAY" jessica screams.she is so happy and she can't stop smiling.

MONDAY 8 a.m

"It looks good on me!" She is smiling!

She starts walking on the street.she is deeply happy and she is singing the song "happy" in her mind.in that time you can't fade the smile on her face. She started her job as a waitress but she acts like they let her to be a queen !

Monthes passes away but in a special day in summer when she is alone in the kitchen suddenly the manager calls her name "jessica cam you the number 1 table's order please? Oh but first collect the dishes which are on the table next to the blue chair . She is walking and singing "never let you go" and then she sings " she don't like the lights" while she is collecting glasses.

-oh you have a great voice! A soft beautifull voice says.

-(in her mind) " this voice is so.. OMG is that ... No way i'm just imagine aww...

She looks up and she is suprise about who she is looking at....


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