The strange one


1. The Weird One

Eww she's disgusting! I'm victoria and people just don't understand me.They say mean things like vampire girl.I'm emo,ugly and worthless.They don't even know the truth.Hi I'm Zayn and you are? Are you talking to me? Yeah I am. Oh I'm Victoria,why are you talking to me no one likes me. No one like you,then see ya later.Zayn don't be rude,sorry about him,I'm Louis. Why are u guys talking to me no one likes me and you guys will get laughed at just for talking to me.How come you are beautiful,they are just jelly. What? You know jellious. (Sorry I can't spell jellious) Oh so you guys are sucking up to me I get it haha so funny! (I run away with tears in my eyes) I reach the bathroom and cry away until....Isabella. Hi vampire girl,does someone need the waabulance. Hahaha. Leave me alone Isabella you are just jellious of me.(again I'm really sorry if I spell something wrong) jellious of you why would I be your disgusting she then punched me and left. I wiped my tears,grabbed my stuff and went to class. When I got there and sat down,the whole class threw papers and wrappers at me. Then mr. Walker came and they stopped. The principle came into the room with five boys and everyone went crazy cause they were one direction. Class we have new students they are Louis, Zayn, Harry, Niall, and Liam. You guys can take your seats, it ended up being next to me and everyone kept whispering. They said why did they have to sit next to her? She's a loser. I got up and asked to go to the bathroom and then I stood near the lockers crying. I heard someone coming and it was Louis.

Louis's Pov

I asked her why she was crying and all she said was leave me alone you shouldn't be talking to a loser like me. U said you are NOT a loser,you are the most beautiful girl in the entire world. She said you don't mean that and I felt so bad for her cause she didn't she her beauty and potential. So after school I met up with her and told her you are invited to my party if you want to come. She said thanks I think I will stop by.

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