The strange one


4. The Huge Breakup

A/N sorry I haven't updated I'm trying to update this book more frequently but I'm going to the cabana bay on Thursday and Friday so I won't be able to update until I come back

Isabella's Pov

I got them together and now to break them up. I went up to Louis and Victoria and told them I'm having a party today at 9:00 you guys should totally come and they said yeah we'll come. So I went up to my best friend Nicole and told her the plan. She is totally on board.

Victoria's Pov

Isabella came up to me and Louis and said I'm having a party today at 9:00 you guys should totally came so I thought since Louis will be there she won't do anything as long as I'm with him so we said yeah we'll come. *After school* I can't help but think Isabella is planning something at her party but I already said I'll come plus I have Louis so I should be okay right? So I took a shower,came out got dried and got dressed in a black short dress that just about covered my butt and wore some black heels blow dried and straightened my hair and did my normal makeup routine. Someone knocked and I opened the door it was Louis. *At the party* I left Louis for 30 seconds to go get a drink. I made my way back over to Louis when I saw him and Nicole making out so I started crying and ran out the house. Louis came and said its not what it looks like and I said that's what they always say I knew you never really liked me we are over,done I never want to see you again. I ran into the street and then I blacked out.

Louis' Pov

Victoria left to go get a drink and this girl came up to me and said hey your hot I'm hot let's make out. I said I have a girlfriend and she'll be right back and started looking for Victoria but the girl grabbed me by the shirt and started kissing me. I pulled back and saw Victoria crying. I ran after her and said its not what it looks like but she said that's what they always say I I knew you never really liked news are over ,done i never want to see you again. She ran into the street and I ran after her but then a car came and I ran over to her crying. Victoria please wake up please. I rushed to the hospital and they started working on her. I went home and started balling my eyes out. I don't know if I will ever see her again so I did that thing from Romeo and Juliet and grabbed a blade and started cutting my wrists. My mom came and I blacked out. I woke up in a hospital room and yelled noooooo! My mom said what's wrong? So I told her everything and she said why would you try to be Romeo she'll be okay. I was done being checked out so I went to check on her she was okay and she was up but what broke my heart is that I'm the only one who visited her.

A/N sorry for the short chapter in going to put out a chapter tomorrow and Wednesday. I can't Thursday and Friday and I'll put another out on Saturday and try to update every day after that for the summer. Love ya guys hopefully I'll be done with this book and my other book called my brothers best friend by the end of summer. Love ya😘


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