The strange one


3. The Betrayal

Victoria's pov

The next day at school I opened my locker when red liquid poured all over me. I heard everyone laughing at me calling me vampire girl and saying my hair looks like someone poured oil over it. They took my books and threw them and then they pushed me into my locker and trapped me inside with the red liquid and I realized it was supposed to be blood and I'm in a coffin because I die in the light but that's not true. I heard Louis so I banged on my locker and said get me out of here. I felt tears running down my face and finally my locker opened and I was on the floor. When I looked up I saw Louis looking down on me. Hey what are you doing? I started crying and said they did this. Louis helped me out and helped clean me up. Then he walked with me to class while everyone was looking at us weird for some reason. I sat down and class started. The teacher said okay class I'm going to put you in partners we are doing Romeo and Juliet. Isabella and Harry,Louis and Victoria and Niall and zayn (I'm not going to put in all the groups) Isabella was really angry and Louis said he's going to the bathroom and he'll be right back. I said okay. Isabella came up to me and said he will never like you he just feels sorry for you and this partnering thing is just a coincidence. Isabella left and went to Harry and then Louis came back in.

Isabella's Pov

When Louis was partnered up with vampire girl I saw that look in his eye. He really loves her. So I got a plan. I told him that Victoria really like him and that he should ask her out and the plan is already in motion.

Louis's Pov

When Isabella told me Victoria really like me and that I should ask her out my heart literally skipped a beat so after class I stopped her and asked Victoria I really like you and was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me?

Victoria's Pov

When Louis told me Victoria I really like you and was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me? I was surprised and happy. I mean he really like me and that's a first. So I said yes and I knew I picked the right choice as soon as I saw his eyes light up and he hugged me. He told me he would pick me up at 8:00 and to wear some casual. *After school* When I came home I took a shower and dried myself then I got dressed. I put on black skinny jeans with a white lace shirt and black combat boots. I blow dried and straightened my hair then I put on my matching bow necklace and earrings. I then did my makeup I put on foundation, concealer, bronzer, pink blush, pink lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and some gold eyeshadow. When I was done I check the time and it was 7:55 so I went downstairs and waited. When a heard a knock I got up and answered the door and when I saw him only one word came to my mind and that word is hot. He looked hot. He is wearing skinny jeans with a black AC/DC shirt and some black sneakers with his hair in a quiff.

Louis's Pov

When she opened the door she looked stunning. I took her hand and told her she looked beautiful. I lead her to my car and opened the door for her then went to my side put on some music and started driving. I took her to a nice park where I set up a picnic on the grass. I came out of the car rushed to her side and opened the door for her. She told me it looked beautiful and I said not as beautiful as you. She told me you know that was cheesy right but thanks. I took her hand and lead her there. I took out the grapes and she said she dared me to catch the grape in my mouth and I said challenge accepted so she threw the grape and I caught it in my mouth and told her the same thing. When I threw it it fell and we both laughed then the sprinklers came on and we both yelled then laughed and started dancing in the sprinklers(yes I know this scene is from high school musical but I thought it was cute so) I then lead her to a house out on the balcony and kissed her. Fireworks went off. Then when we stopped actual fireworks went off and I though to myself how did I get someone like her to like someone like me. She looked at the fireworks and smiled and I smiled and I knew at that moment no matter what that I was going to marry that girl and that she is going to be the mother of my kids. I said now let's get you home but first and I know this is early but I really like you and I fell that you and I are going to be together for a really long time so Victoria wait for it Vazquez will you be my girlfriend.

Victoria's Pov

When he said that I was thrilled. I jumped and said yes like he just proposed to me. This is the best night ever and somehow I just know his going to be the one I marry and his going to be the father of my kids. He drove me home and walked me to my doorstep and gave me a goodnight kiss. It was magical. He then left and I went inside and said goodnight boyfriend.

A/n sorry I haven't updated in a long long long long time but it's a really long story so yeah if you guys still like the story and want me to finish it just let me know I love you guys and thanks for getting this book to like 60 read or something that's amazing and I never knew I would get so many reads. This is my first book so yeah and I really want to be a writer or pediatrician when I grow up so yeah let me know if I'm a good writer I am also writing another book that I will frequently update and finish without letting you guys wait so long so now I'm just rambling so love ya


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