The strange one


5. Secrets Are Reveled

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Louis' Pov

When I went in she screamed saying what are you doing here? Leave now I said i never want to see you again! I left and starting balling my eyes out. When I went to school Tori wasn't there.(Tori is short for Victoria) I saw it and then I saw it clearly. The girl from the other night was with Isabella and her posse and I knew she set me up but Tori would never believe my unless I have proof so I recorded their convo. I then skipped 1st period and went through Isabella's and that girls lockers I found their plan on a piece of paper. I decided to skip the rest of the day and sneak to Isabella house. I got there and snuck into her room. It took me 20 min. But I found it,her diary. I read it and it said i really really want to bang Louis he's hot but he really likes Victoria. Crazy right? I have a plan though I'm going to set them up. I'm going to get them to date each other, have a party and get them alone for a little and send in one of my girls to make out with Louis long enough for Victoria to see. Then they are going back to break up and Louis will be devastated and I will go and swoop in there. I will become his best friend and then his girlfriend,and get him to make Tori's life a living hell with me. I get the evidence and go to the hospital. I showed Tori the evidence.

Tori's Pov

I saw in Louis' eyes that e was telling the truth and he had all the evidence and he was the only one who visited me. I love him but I have no idea what to do so I told him I will think about it and started thinking and I'm going to give him a second chance and show Isabella that she was wrong all along. The next day I went to school and Louis and I were dating again she came up and said you're still his girlfriend? So I said of course it wasn't his fault. And btw to make my life a living hell I would actually have to care what you think. And I don't here's your diary back. She stood there speechless and left. I turned to Louis and kissed him. You did it! He told me no I didn't WE did it!

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