The strange one


6. Isabella's Angry

A/N sorry I came back from my vacation and now I'm updating let me know how many chapters this should be

Isabella's Pov

Tori gave me my diary and turned to Louis and kissed him. So I came up with a different plan. I am going to make Louis love if it's the last thing I do and I'm going to make Tori's life miserable.

Tori's Pov

I went to Maths and when I was walking to my desk Isabella tripped me and everyone started laughing. I got up and she said you're here so I said what you ain't got anything better to do. She said you little. Little what? Come on hot stuff. She scoffed and i went to my desk everyone said ooooohhh. After Maths I went to lunch and I went to my spot at my tree. Louis came and sat with me. Hey I heard what happened at Maths with you and Isabella he said. Yeah well what have you heard. He said I heard that you are amazing and that I'm prof of you for sticking up for yourself.

Chloe's Pov

Isabella told me her plan. She was going to make Harry styles fall in love with her and make Tori's life miserable and then get to Louis so then she breaks Harry's heart and I will be there to help while she gets Louis. Harry will fall in love with me and we will both live happily ever after while Tori's is crap. I love the plan because I get to be with Harry and I am in love with him ever since I met him 5 years ago.

A/N this chapter is a filler so I'm sorry that it's crap. I haven't updated in a long time and wanted to give you guys a chapter cause you guys are amazing. Don't forget to tell me how many chapters you want in this book. Love ya guys.


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