Let Me Go

Have you ever had a relationship that no matter what happens you just can't let go? Or it hurts when someone mentions them and no matter what you do you just cant feel better?

Well Naomi has. She used to date all five boys of One Direction until Management told the boys to end the relationship leaving her heartbroken. And although she's moved out and moved on with life. Those five faces seem to pop up wherever she is and she learns that sometimes you shouldn't let go of what you love.


1. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

|| Liam POV ||

"Boys, we hate to tell you this, but that girl you're with... She has to go" I stared up at our Management team raising a brow then looked over at Simon "Is this some sort of Joke?" He shook his head and I gulped. Oh no, this couldn't happen Naomi was probably the best thing that's happened to us. She'd be devastated, she'd probably retort to her old habits she had before she met us. My mind was racing and my knee was bobbing up and down frantically until I felt a hand on my shoulder

"Mate. You need to calm down, we'll make sure she's safe. And we'll tell her she's still loved. You heard Management, what they say goes" I wanted to slap Harry so bad, out of all five of us Harry had it bad for Naomi, and we were all encouraging him to ask her to marry him. On the conditions that we could all still keep her in our lives "Why don't we all tell her together, yeah she'll hate us but she'll appreciate the honesty" I ran my fingers through my hair then glanced over at Louis, his logic made sense, and we all knew it was true.


She was going to hate us. BIG TIME

The whole ride home was silent, no one talking about what they were going to do with Naomi, no one even dared mention her name. It wasn't until we reached the house that I realised I was crying. Seeing Naomi stood outside the door in a Superman t-shirt and some shorts did little to nothing to ease what I was feeling. It was like she could notice something was wrong because her beautiful smile contorted into a frown. I exhaled a breath then got out of the car and glared at everyone mumbling "You four are complete and utter assholes. I'm not telling her, YOU do it"

I walked over and covered her face in kisses earning a giggle. I'd never hear that sound again after tonight, pecking her lips I mumbled an "I love you" then wandered in the house and straight up to my room. I didn't want to watch as her heart broke. I wanted to be in the safe confines of my room as she took her anger on the boys.


|| Naomi POV ||

Something was wrong.

I knew something was wrong by the way Liam was acting. He had red puffy eyes and his usual smile was nowhere to be seen. I bit my lip as I played with the hem of my t-shirt, why were they just staring at me like I was a foreign object.
"What's... Wrong?" I knew it was coming. I could feel it, see it in their expressions. I smiled sadly and whispered "I'm gonna go pack my things" They didn't have to say it for me to know. They were all leaving me, Management had been hinting at them to find themselves girls they didn't have to share. I thought they'd tell management to back off but they obviously let them win

"I'm not letting you leave, stay and we'll look after you" I waves Harry's suggestion off then pushed open my bedroom door open and walked in. They were everywhere, I had photos everywhere of me and the lads. It felt like someone had reached in, grabbed my heart and yanked it out of my chest leaving me to bleed out and die "I could never understand why I love all five of you. I still don't" I opened my wardrobe and pulled out my suitcase. I was going to go and move back home with my Grandmother, she lived in a little cottage over looking the beach "Maybe its because we looked after you before... When... You know" I knew what he was talking about. And I wasn't proud of that part of my life "It won't happen again Harry. I promise I'll take care of myself this time"

"Still I'd feel better if you stayed. Just so I know how you are" I was expecting him to close the gap between our bodies. Expecting him to reach forward and touch me, expecting him to look at me with Love. But he stared blankly at me and it broke my heart "I'll stay... I mean if it's not too much trouble, you won't hear a peep from me and I'll keep out of your way" I felt like a fool saying that. Staying out of their way was going to be hard. And what happened if they had girlfriends? Would they still look after me? I silenced the questions in my head then exhaled rubbing at my temple before making my way out of my room and down the corridor

I needed to see Liam



And here's the first chapter. Sorry it sucks, I can't think of anything else to write


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