My Possessive Alpha Mate

��Werewolves, Romance, Sex Scenes, Swearings��
If you are below 12, I suggest you don't read this book. You can read it though but read at your own risk. Thank you bæ❤️

-Violet Carly Lonson- werewolf, 17 year old girl, lived with sister Stacy

-Xavier Alexander Carter-alpha, 25 year old, possessiveness 101%

Violet has to deal with her mate's possessive ways especially since he's the alpha of the strongest pack. It's hard but she gotta get on with it cause no one said that being an alpha's mate is easy.

✨btw, it's okay to be a lesbian so no hates to lesbians though I'm not one;) thanks and go ahead to read��ilysm


11. Chapter 9

I decided to take a bath and wait till the water was hot enough before I carefully dipped my toes into the bath tub.

I then soak in it, sighing in relieve.

Well, next, I did what I always do-sing. Little Mix Wings.

"Mama told me not to waste my life

She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don't let what they say keep you up at night

And if they give you shhhh...

Then they can walk on by

My feet, feet can't touch the ground

And I can't hear a sound

But you just keep on running up your mouth yeah

Walk, walk on over there

'Cause I'm too fly to care, oh yeah

Your words don't mean a thing

I'm not listening

Keep talking, all I know is

Mama told me not to waste my life,

She said spread your wings my little butterfly

Don't let what they say keep you up at night

And they can't detain you

'Cause wings are made to fly"

"Sadly, Violet Carly Lonson, you have no wings. Even if you do, I'll chop them off and make you like the flightless penguin." I heard Xavier's voice through the toilet door.

"Shuddup." I said awkwardly, blushing.

He chuckled deeply and I felt the warmth inside and out of me. Damn, why must he be so damn sexxyyyy?

I took my time and only when I realize that I didn't have shampoo are at least a female's shampoo.

"Xav, no sham!" I shouted.

"Yea, I know. I've been waiting for you to figure that out, you know?" He chided smirking.

"Hey!! So where's the shampoo and my clothes?" I asked him.

"Um...... Under the drawer. I placed it there just last night before we slept. I've long prepared it a long time ago when I thought I'd find you. Oh yea, the clothes are in the clothing room. Just press the bottom 2nd tile from the left of the wall and there would be a pathway." He said.

I was surprised. As in lol, who would think that that ever exist. But okay.

I randomly used that shampoo that smells like peach before using the towel that smells so much like Xavier. I inhaled his scent deeply, loving it.

Then, I pressed that tile and gasped in surprise. If this is not paradise, what is paradise?

All types of clothes, shirts, dresses, necklace, watches, bands, rings ..... Any thing. From different colour, brands to different shades and models. Everything.

"Oh my god. Thank you so much!!!" I squealed.

Xavier just chuckled.

"I can imagine seeing you jumping around like a bunny happily in the toilet." He laughed.

"You bet!" I said, exploring every piece of clothing.

"Yea, I even can picture you naked." He smirked.

I blushed so furiously and he chuckled.

He's the one who is driving me mad.

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