My Possessive Alpha Mate

��Werewolves, Romance, Sex Scenes, Swearings��
If you are below 12, I suggest you don't read this book. You can read it though but read at your own risk. Thank you bæ❤️

-Violet Carly Lonson- werewolf, 17 year old girl, lived with sister Stacy

-Xavier Alexander Carter-alpha, 25 year old, possessiveness 101%

Violet has to deal with her mate's possessive ways especially since he's the alpha of the strongest pack. It's hard but she gotta get on with it cause no one said that being an alpha's mate is easy.

✨btw, it's okay to be a lesbian so no hates to lesbians though I'm not one;) thanks and go ahead to read��ilysm


46. Chapter 41

"I want the pancake with maple syrup." I said, pouting.

He hesitated for a moment but still, he replied, "nope."

It's funny because Xavier and I are quarreling over pancakes when we have more than 8 of them to share.

But still, it's funn.

It was fun, until Xavier popped the whole maple syrup pancake into his mouth.

Not fun. No one dares EAT MY FOOD.

"That is mine gimme!" I screamed.

"Haha, too late babe. Eat the one with butter." Xavier winked.

I groaned pouting.

"But I wanttt!!" I pouted.

"Aw.. You look so cute." He said. "But no."

I gritted my teeth, trying to attack Xavier.

I threw some soap foam that was in the basin at Xavier and managed to shot his face.

"You dare." He growled playfully, wiping the soap off his beautiful face.

Being the smart and quick witted girl I always am *sass*, I knew it was time to run.

I immediately turn away and dash off to out of the door.

"Violet, you are so goin' to get it once I catch ya." Xavier warned, though I could still see him smile.

I ran off, laughing too.

Where should I hide? I know eventually Xavier would find me but still, I wanna have fun.

I dashed into a random room and into the closet.

I could smell Xavier nearby so I crept deeper into the closet.

"Violet, Violet, babe. C'mon on where wherever you are." Xavier cooed.

He could easily use the mate bond to see where I am but he still didn't cause he know that I wanna fun.

What about no?

I mindlinked him.

He laughed and then searched around randomly, like under the bed and shit like that.

He was about to leave the room when a random object came falling on top of me, making me cuss loudly.

The cupboard door opened and I saw Xavier smirking at me.

"Hey?" I said awkwardly, then kicking his fine ass before running away.

"Argh!" I heard Xavier muttered and I laughed.

See bitch, don't mess with me.

I'm glad though. It's like I'm the only one who can make him distracted and calm down.

Well, I'll use it to my privilege and Xavier would have to obey my every single comment.

"Babe, there you are!" Xavier suddenly appeared in front of me, hugging me and rubbing his face that was coated with some soap on my clothes.

"Heyyy!!" I screamed, slapping my hand wildly and I shrugged.

"Oh no you don't. You kicked my ass and threw soap at me but still being a gentleman, I'll give at a chance. Just promise me you'll be a good girl and listen to me forever. Okay?" He asked, kissing me on my forehead, his arms still wrapped around me.

"Of course," I said, kissing his neck because I'm too short and have to tip toe if I want to kiss his lips.

His grip on me lossen.

"Not." I suddenly said, grinning and pushing him away.

He groaned again, wondering why he keeps getting throwed by me.

I laughed, running away, with Xavier hot on my heels.

"C'mon back, kitten." He chuckled.

"I'm not a kitten. I'm a penguin." I told him, still running.

He chuckled, getting nearer and nearer to me.

No shit Sherlock.

Just then, the of living room opened and I almost crashed into the Beta, Lucas.

"Ahhh! Help! Molester Moon on the lose!" I screamed, and the Beta looked all defensive.

He glance at me and saw my short stained with soap.

"Really? Where?" Lucas asked, immediately hiding me behind him to protect me.

I almost cooed but no I didn't cause in less than 5 seconds, Xavier was already at our side.

"Thats the Molester Moon who assaulted me!" I said, pointing to Xavier and cowering behind Lucas.

Lucas was taken aback for a moment.

"Alpha?" He asked.

"You see that's the evil, slutty, impolite and ungentlemently bastard who-" I was cut off when Xavier grabbed me and immediately I was wiped with the soap.

"Ahhhh!" I screamed.

Lucas was laughing like shit, rolling on the floor with tears streaming down his cheeks.

"You got a wide range of vocabulary huh princess?" Xavier asked sarcastically, tickling me.

"Nooo..." I said laughing uncontrollably.

"Get off me. Damn stupid Xavier." I said, hitting him on his back but it was nothing to him.

"Huh? Really?"he said, tickling me.

"Okayy... You win.... Xavier is the hottest and sexiest okay?" I said, breathlessly.

"Nope. I want you to tell Lucas what we did last night." Xavier said, grinning.

No shit...

Last night was like so awesome but still, I won't go like telling people about my sex life so randomly.

"Xavier...." I sighed.

He grinned those boyish grins at me and I thought I could've died.

"Do it for me." He flashed me his billion dollar smile.

"We...had...s....axe." I muttered to Lucas.

"Axe?" Lucas asked, though I know he knows what I meant.

He was obviously on Xavier's side.

Lucas and Xavier were both grinning at me like those type of to die for grin.

"Okay, fine. Xavier and I had sex. Can I eat my maple syrup pancakes now?" I said, trying to hide my blush.

"Woah woah... Tell me in detail what you all do. Afterall we're all good friends right?" Lucas said, smirking.

He's hot but not as hot as Xavier though.

"Best friends don't sabotage each other when a Molester Moon is running after her." I mumbled.

Both of them sure enjoyed my embarrassment and started laughing.

"Okay. Time to eattt!!" I said, rushing to the kitchen.

Both of them were laughing at me again.

I rolled my eyes.

Payback's a bitch, haven't I told ya?

Well, I missed out, payback's both a bitch and a slut.

They're both bitches and sluts.

So they're so goin' to get it.


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