My Possessive Alpha Mate

��Werewolves, Romance, Sex Scenes, Swearings��
If you are below 12, I suggest you don't read this book. You can read it though but read at your own risk. Thank you bæ❤️

-Violet Carly Lonson- werewolf, 17 year old girl, lived with sister Stacy

-Xavier Alexander Carter-alpha, 25 year old, possessiveness 101%

Violet has to deal with her mate's possessive ways especially since he's the alpha of the strongest pack. It's hard but she gotta get on with it cause no one said that being an alpha's mate is easy.

✨btw, it's okay to be a lesbian so no hates to lesbians though I'm not one;) thanks and go ahead to read��ilysm


45. Chapter 40

*sex scene* if you feel uncomfortably please skip this chapter and proceed to Chapter 41

Before I realized it, his lips were on mine. I felt his hand going further lower and lower down, even into my dress bit I was too distracted by the sparks and the intensity.

Suddenly, I felt his hand ripped my panties off, making my blush furiously.

"Oh, God. Xavier please..." I moaned.

Xavier placed me on the empty table nearby, spreading my legs wide opened.

He then started playing with my sex.

"Fuck, you're so wet." He groaned, sulking harder.

I moaned louder.

Then, he suddenly pulled away.

I whimpered at he loss of contact but he immediately inserted his fingers into me, making me arc my back at the pleasure I was facing.

"Trust me. I tried." He said, suddenly removing his fingers and I groaned, begging for more.

He trailed kisses down my neck and once he found my sweet spot, he started sulking on it do hard that I swear a hickey was firmed already. I moaned and cuss words began flowing out of my mouth uncontrollably. I grinded against him, making him groan.

He then tore off my dress, leaving me in a Victoria's Secret C-cup black laced bra.

He groaned once he saw it.

"This is much better that I thought." He growled, making my pussy turn really wet.

"Shit, Violet. I can smell your arousal." He groaned and before I could speak, he ripped my bra off and threw it somewhere.

I squealed.

Immediately, he started rubbing my hardened nipple, sucking on my other nipple and I moaned loudly, gripping his back with so much force and tugging into his hair, making him groan.

I sighed in relief when he messaged my breast.

"Xavier, let's go back to the room." I said in between the moans.

"Okay. I don't want people to see you naked." He replied, pushing me onto the lift with him and leaving my bra stranded on the floor.

He pressed me on the lift door and started messaging my breast again.

He did it do much better than Stacy.

I sulked on his jaw bone hungrily too. I threw jy is short if the lift floor, licking his 8 packs.

I traced his 8 packs with my tongue making him moan.

The door opened and some guys younger than me came into the lift.

One word-awkward.

Bit I didn't notice they were there until I hear don't of the boy shrieked in surprise and the other laughter.

Immediately, Xavier flipped me over, in a position that the it's can't see my breast or pussy.

Hr growled at them angrily, his eyes still pitch black.

"Sorry sorryyyy...." They apologized, just stealing one last glance on my body.

I understand. Imagine seeing a hot senior naked in the lift.

Of course you try to see as much especially when it's so big.

Xavier growled loudly, enough the deafen the whole world and the boys scurried out of the life immediately.

"Mine." Xavier whispered sexily in my ear, kissing me repeatedly.

"Yours." I moaned back, and he then stripped off his clothes with my help.

Staring at him in his boxes, I could not help to be really wet.

Xavier, sensing my excitement, made it a point to tease me.

He slowly pulled down his boxes.

I groaned and ran towards him, pulling his boxes down, earning a chuckle from him.

My eyes widened in shock once I saw his massive 'thing'.

He laughed.

I stretched my hand out, rubbing it.

"Violet. Faster." Xavier moaned.

Yeah, the Alpha is crumpling now. For me.

I rubbed faster.

And faster

And faster

And faster.

Finally, Xavier turned wet and I licked the sweet tasting substance and sucked on it.

He moaned and groaned without stopping and I felt a sense of happiness.

That happiness was replaced by pain once he entree me.

"Fuck, Violet, you're so tight." He groaned pressing harder into me in and out.

I felt exhilarating pain and tears flowed for my cheeks.

"Please... Stopppppp...." I begged.

"It's okay." He whispered, pressing harder and gmhsrder, not leaving me any time to get use to he size.

Afterwards, the pain was gone and transferred into happiness and I wrapped my arms around Xavier as he plays with my breasts again.

I only then felt that my walls were breaking down and wrapped around Xavier's 'thing' tightly.

I sighed and then let go, and my juice dropped out of my pussy, I felt his member twitched before he groaned lying next to me.

Both of us were both dead tired.

"Mating Seasons 2 over. Heat." Xavier said, still panting.

"Okay. It's fantastic." I said dreamily.

"You're perfect you know Violet." He kissed me, sending tinges on my spine.

"Not as perfect as your Samantha thou." I said, suddenly turning on bitch mode on Xavier.

"No. She ain't even somewhere near you." He said, screwing my ass too.

"Xavier, must you screw my ass?" I groaned, not that I'm complaining but I'm pretty sure tomorrow it would hurt.

He chuckled his I-know-so-well laugh and I'm sure my heart did a somersault.

Just before I knew it, I was already yawning lethargically as sleep caught up with me.

"Go and sleep, babe. I'll be here for you." The so called tough Alpha nibbled on my earlobe.

"Okay." I replied, but actually I'm not sure.

What about Stacy? Would Stacy still be using me if I hadn't left?

I'm really thankful I met Xavier. He's the best thing ever that happened to me other than penguins.

"Violet, I swear to God, I won't allow Stacy to do that!" He growled angrily, pulling my waist nearer to him- if that is possible.

"Okay." I replied, suddenly feeling a sense of comfort.

Xavier would protect us.

My wolf howled.

He mated with us.

I smiled.

Soon, I was in Dreamland with a smile plastered on my face.

But before I went of to Dreamland, I heard Xavier chuckled," though I didn't win penguin, I won Fruit Loops. Trust me, you'll soon realize that I'm the most important- more important than penguin."

I smiled harder and slept with my wolf howling.

Xavier mated with us!!





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