My Possessive Alpha Mate

��Werewolves, Romance, Sex Scenes, Swearings��
If you are below 12, I suggest you don't read this book. You can read it though but read at your own risk. Thank you bæ❤️

-Violet Carly Lonson- werewolf, 17 year old girl, lived with sister Stacy

-Xavier Alexander Carter-alpha, 25 year old, possessiveness 101%

Violet has to deal with her mate's possessive ways especially since he's the alpha of the strongest pack. It's hard but she gotta get on with it cause no one said that being an alpha's mate is easy.

✨btw, it's okay to be a lesbian so no hates to lesbians though I'm not one;) thanks and go ahead to read��ilysm


42. Chapter 37


Sorry I haven't updated for quite some time because:

A. My uncle on California passed away and I has to attend his funeral.

B. I had summer plans!! Not with my friends thou. I met a new cute boyy!!

C. My mom threw my phone and it cracked into pieces so I couldn't update. My laptop was hacked- there was some stupid virus!!

Anyways, thank you so much:)) here's the storyy


All eyes fall on us.

Shit. I hate attention.

Okay, maybe not. But not this type.

The whole pack is here.

I bit my lips nervously. This would really be a long night.

"Relax, dear. It's fine. Trust me." Xavier reassured, giving my hand a gentle squeeze.

"Okay. Here comes nothing." I sighed nervously.

Xavier just laughed and people make way for us as we walked down the hall to the stage.

I've never seen do much people together in my life and now they are treating me like a royal.

"Good evening, ladies and gentleman." Xavier said, clearing his throat.

"Alpha." I heard all of them whispered in respect, jealousy, love and lust from some of the girls.

I kept my head low.

"I'm here to announce to you that you have a new Luna. She's Violet." He said calmly, holding my waist.

"And if any of you dare to disrespect her, I'll just chose your head off and murder your family. Then, I'll feed your dead body to the rogues or maybe eat them for lunch." He shrugged casually, as if he was just talking about the weather.

All of the pack members cowered in fear.

"Yes Alpha," they nodded and I could not help out to let a smile plaster across my face.

Aw... Xavier's so cute.

"You know 'Xavier' and 'cute' don't go together?" Xavier whispered huskily in my ear.

"Hey, you read my mind!" I said, slapping him on his arm gently.

"Yeah I sure did. But I thought I was hot or sexy or damn fuckable, not cute? Many girls said so." He said, rubbing the spot I hit him acting like it hurts.

I growled and I was pretty sure that point, my eyes were black.

"Chill, babe. Chill." He reassured, hugging me.

I pulled away from him.

"You're mine. Mine. No bitches or sluts are allowed with you. Only me." I growled, bitting his earlobe.

Xavier moaned softly.

"Oh? You're jealous!" He said, chuckling.

I immediately pulled away.

"No." I blushed.

"Yes you are jealous. Haha..." Xavier laughed, making me blush harder.

"Nopee!" I said, wishing that I wasn't blushing that hard.

"Yes." He said, laughing.

"I said I'm not." I said, pretending to be angry with him as I playfully stormed down the stage, a smile threatening to appear but I hid it.

Immediately, I was pulled back by Xavier.

"Okay, you're not jealous, okay, princess? You're not jealous, don't be angry." He cooed, arms around my waist.

I pretended to consider it for a while.

"Then you must go and get me a chocolate ice cream now." I said, grinning.

"But dinner's starting soon, babe." Xavier retorted.

"But I want. I want a chocolate ice cream now." I said, crossing my arms.

"Ok, princess. Fine. Just don't be angry alright?" He whispered, kissing me and making me shrudder.

"I want it now. Double scoop by the way." I said as he immediately disappear out of the hall.

Now most of the pack member were staring at me in amusement, so awe, while some jealousy.

"Oh my god, did you just ordered the Alpha?" A girl who has thick red hair with freckled cheeks asked, looking at me in awe.

I grinned. "Yupp."

"Wow. That's so cool oh my god. No one ever dares to order the Alpha you know? Are you a witch? I bet you cast a spell on the Alpha!" She squealed.

I laughed.

"Nope, I'm not a witch but for one thing I know, the Alpha loves me a lot." I said, my heart fluttering because I knew it was true.

"Oh my god, you all are so cute. I ship both of you- vavier." She gushes.

I pinched her cheeks.

"You're so cute!" I praised and she blushed, her face redder than her hair.

"Really?" She asked me, her brown eyes twinkling in happiness.

"Everyone says that I'm annoying and now, the drop-dead gorgeous Luna just told me I'm cute!" She said, jumping around like a little bunny.

"You're cute and sure, your Luna is definitely drop-dead gorgeous." I heard a Boise and before I could turn around, I could already smell Xavier.

He wrapped his arms around me and handed me my ice cream.

"Thank you!" I squealed, kissing him on his forehead- tipping toes cause I'm so short.

"Sure babe." He whispered huskily.

That turned me on. A lot.

I moaned once I tasted the delicious chocolate ice cream.

"You know I'll make you moan louder." He phrased it as a sentence not a question.

"Sure. Tonight..." I whispered seductively before turning way from him, only to find his eyes were darken and filled with lust.

I grinned.


I'll update soon once I find my charger. 14% thou. Okay, now 13%.


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