My Possessive Alpha Mate

��Werewolves, Romance, Sex Scenes, Swearings��
If you are below 12, I suggest you don't read this book. You can read it though but read at your own risk. Thank you bæ❤️

-Violet Carly Lonson- werewolf, 17 year old girl, lived with sister Stacy

-Xavier Alexander Carter-alpha, 25 year old, possessiveness 101%

Violet has to deal with her mate's possessive ways especially since he's the alpha of the strongest pack. It's hard but she gotta get on with it cause no one said that being an alpha's mate is easy.

✨btw, it's okay to be a lesbian so no hates to lesbians though I'm not one;) thanks and go ahead to read��ilysm


17. Chapter 15

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So the reminding day, Xavier wanted me to explore the huge house and make some GIRL friends.

I groaned in annoyance.

"Aloneee?" I whined.

"Alone." He corrected.

"If I get lost?" I asked.

"I'll find you." He continued, still doing some paper work.

"If I get murdered?" I asked again.

"Firstly, you won't. Secondly, I'll murder that punk before he murders you." He reassured me, still not looking up at me.

"And if I get raped?" I asked, wanting to see his expression.

His eyes immediately shot up to me.

"Princess, you won't fucking get raped. Like I said, I'll not let any punk get near to you at all times. Also, if the dude rapes you, I'll haunt him down, bash him up, take a silver knife and cut through his skin as his blood oozes out slowly.... I'll torture him by letting him witness his loved ones die, then I'll slice his face, slowly, making him disfigured.... Then, I would-" he said, anger written in his face.

"Okay okay!! I don't want to hear it anymore!" I surrendered exasperatedly.

"Haha. Anyways, to sum it up, no one would rape you and if someone rapes you...... I'll be the one and only someone that did that." He assured, making me shudder.

I don't know why but with him, I feel more reassured and secured, like nothing can harm me. It's really nice to feel like this- it's heated but sweet.

"Ok, so go and hang out. You just have to say my name and I'll be there in 2 I promise. Go have fun." He said, focusing his attention back on work.

"Fine." I sucked on my breath and walked our of his office.

Just as I was going to close the door, I hard him say," Oh yeah, I forgot to remind you- don't leave the pack house and no hanging out with boys. If I see you with any boys, I'll tear them apart them punch them. No actually, I'll kick that part where the sun doesn't shine-" he said.

I groaned again and heard him chuckle before I went out of his office.

"Where should I start exploring?" I wondered out loud.

Um... Gaming room?

Nah, I game but there might be too many werewolves there.


I'll never say no to that but now, I am quite full and there might've pack members there.


What other areas does this pack house has?

I know it's really big but I think I'll just stroll around, maybe I'll ding Jade and Camila. Gabrielle is a total bitch though.

As I walked around, looking at the architecture designs of the house, I could help but to look back at my past.

I was just a rogue who cause her parents' death. I wonder what's Stacy doing now.

Probably finding me?

Would she miss me?

I owe her. I killed mummy and daddy.

Violet, stop it! Stop it! Stop thinking about this or you'll eventually turn crazy!

My wolf screamed, begging me.

Maybe I'm already crazy but maybe not.

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