The Problems Of Being Me!

Hi, I'm Darcy Tomlinson. You may know Louis Tomlinson, yeah he's my brother! He keeps me hidden from the world, after my mum sadly past away and my dad left, he was scared I would get hurt. I got asked to go on tour by Eleanor, his girlfriend, he agreed but only because he's scared that directioners come asking Lottie where he is. You see Lottie needs to finish her exams.


4. through the eyes of her crush!

Jakes POV

What is the present?

In the present time I am sitting on the couch watching the fault in our stars with the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She is eating Ben and Jerry's cookie dough ice cream crying, I'm not sure if she is crying because of what happened with her brother or if it's because according to her Augustus is 'to hot to be real: an angel with no wings.'

But is there a present time because as soon as your brain functions what you are doing it is already in the past, shouldn't it just be the past and the future.

I think this all the time.

The worst thing to do is have a crush, it makes time slower and limits your thoughts to just that one person. You can't stop thinking about them. Everything anyone says you can relate to your crush.

I have had a crush on Darcy since year one when she kissed my cheek and said "stay strong everything will be okay" when my brother died in a car crash. Even though we were so young she recognised something was wrong and that's what I like about her. She acts all tough, acts like she doesn't care but she does and she is the best thing that can ever happen to you. She is there for you when ever you need her. She listens.

But I can never be with her, her brother hates me and I just don't know why. I want to be hers. He doesn't get it, he's got a girlfriend, she's hot, she's kind but she's not Darcy. And I know you probably think that's weird but I love her and I need her.

"Jake, Jake, JAKE!!" She screams "whoops sorry, what's wrong?" I reply still thinking about the present. "Nothing's wrong I just have to go and pack to go on tour." Oh, I forgot about that. "Well why don't you sleep and I'll do it," I say "so you can look at my freaking undies I don't think so!" She says laughing at what she said as if she was proud of her little joke, but the joke made me blush like I mean I was as red as a tomato. "No, I want to help but if that's how it is I'll just watch bridesmaids on my own." "Noooooo! You have to wait I will be done ASAP!" She shouts as she runs up the stairs to where her case is.

Ring ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! "Hello, this is Jake" I say picking up the phone. "JAKE YOU BETTER TELL ME WHERE THE HELL DARCY IS OR I WILL SERIOUSLY KICK YOUR ASS!" That will be Louis then, "Louis don't worry she is packing her case we will be over in a couple of hours!" I say back "IT DOESNT TAKE 2 FREAKING HOURS TO PACK A CASE!" He shouts back, uh oh, " Louis, she is still trying to get over what happened with you! SHE HAS BEEN CRYING NON STOP...SO YOU WILL HAVE TO WAIT 2 FREAKING HOURS!" I scream the last part. Then the line goes dead...

Half an hour later Darcy comes downstairs carrying her massive one direction case that Harry got her for Christmas as a joke. She is holding as set of clothes which I presume are her airport clothes, I then notice she's clutching something, holding it at her heart. "Hey, you ready to watch bridesmaids?" I ask her "hell yeah!" She shouts back...I giggle at her stupidness "what you got there?" I ask... She doesn't reply "what you got there?" I ask again. "I heard you the first time douche, it's something I got for you...I thought you might like to have something of mine before I leave." She says getting quieter every word. " cheesy little weirdo," I say although I am literally dying of happiness inside! "Shut up... Just open it." She says "okay okay..." I say anxiously picking up the box that was now on the couch..

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