The Problems Of Being Me!

Hi, I'm Darcy Tomlinson. You may know Louis Tomlinson, yeah he's my brother! He keeps me hidden from the world, after my mum sadly past away and my dad left, he was scared I would get hurt. I got asked to go on tour by Eleanor, his girlfriend, he agreed but only because he's scared that directioners come asking Lottie where he is. You see Lottie needs to finish her exams.


3. Get Ready To...Pack your Life!

Well I had just found out the most exciting news ever! NOT! Cheyanne and I are going on tour with the boys and Eleanor but after that apparently Louis is moving house with El and now I have to move into the 1D house because they think it will be better for me!! The worst part is they are home schooling me!

Darcy's POV

Me and Cheyanne decided that we would plan our tour with El and then go our separate ways to pack our things and meet in the morning at six am!! Right now we are playing truth or dare, I know what ur thinking right, well we decided to join in with the boys and el cuz Nic and Jake won't see us for nine months!

We had been playing truth or dare for 3 hours now, "Darcy truth or dare" Louis screamed at me "erm...dare!" "Ooooooooooooh" the boys shouted in sync. "I dare u to kiss Cheyanne for 1 minute!" Louis shouted although I was shocked I just slammed my lips onto hers. "I told u so!" Jake shouted. We all stopped and stared at him "she's cheating on u Nic I know she is!" What a douche bag! "No Nic, I'm not I swear," Cheyanne shouted and squealed before crashing her lips onto nic's, placing her hand on the back of her head! "Ewwwwww!" I squeal "I think it's time for us to go!" Jake says "no stay!" I say pouting! "well I'm leaving," says Nic "babe do ya wanna finish this of at ur place and then I'll help u pack!" "Sure," Cheyanne says

I was lying on top of Jake tickling him, we were laughing our heads off when Louis walked in and shouted "better go and pack, we're leaving in a eight hours!" "Jake shake that but up here!" "Oh no, i want to talk to him." "But..." "No buts Eleanor help her!" "This is so UNFAIR!," I suddenly scream "I don't like Jake in that way he's one of my best friends and you can't just stop him from seeing me, it's not like I can stop you from seeing Eleanor!" "Darcy, GO UP TO UR ROOM NOW!" "Jake get up your coming with me" I say heading to the front door. "Where are you GOING!" Louis screams at me, "any where away from here cuz I freaking hate YOU!!" "Well the feelings MUTUAL!!!!!!"

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