The Problems Of Being Me!

Hi, I'm Darcy Tomlinson. You may know Louis Tomlinson, yeah he's my brother! He keeps me hidden from the world, after my mum sadly past away and my dad left, he was scared I would get hurt. I got asked to go on tour by Eleanor, his girlfriend, he agreed but only because he's scared that directioners come asking Lottie where he is. You see Lottie needs to finish her exams.


2. Chapter 2- Last Day Before Summer!

Darcy's POV

"Cheyanne!!" I screamed as loud as I could, earning a few stares. "Darcyyyyy!!" She screamed back before throwing her arms around me, choking me to death. "Can't breathe, can't breathe!" I said to her, she let go of me and sighed, "Just think," she said spreading her arms in the air as she spoke, "we could have so much fun on tour if you stood up to your god damn might I add hot brother and just asked him!" I chuckled lightly "shut up, okay, even if I did ask him he wouldn't let you come. He's too overprotective and he is NOT hot!"

"Guess who!" Nic said placing his hands over Cheyanne's eyes, I walked away sighing, he was my crush since primary school but then he asked Cheyanne out and she said yes I decided to make there life's a living hell. Eventually I made friends with them again and now we are all best friends but there relationship scares me. Just then I heard shouting "How dare you come up to me like that making Darcy-Poo run away!" Cheyanne ran up to me hugging me repeating the word sorry over and over again! Jake came around the corner saying "I swear you guys are secretly dating!" "I should be worried she's cheating on me," Nic said making jake burst out laughing! "You guys are pathetic," I whisper more to myself but trust jake to hear me! He tackled me down to the ground tickling me I screamed and laughed at the same time but then I was saved by the bell. Cheyanne and I started walking away from the boys talking about the nickname she gave me, "Darcy-poo."

Lunch time

I was standing in the lunch line talking to Cheyanne when Miss Popular came over and started bragging about having tickets to a meet and greet with one direction, oh if she knew! Only Cheyanne jake and Nic know about Louis and I intend to keep it that way. "And we danced all night to the best song ever we knew every line now I can't remember," my phone started blaring out and the whole school started laughing, I blushed and made a mental note in my head to kill Louis! I ignored the call, and sat at my usual spot and waited for Cheyanne to come and sit down as she was helping the soccer team with their homework. You see, her HOT brother is in the football team and she kissed his boyfriend but she didn't know he was gay (a/n just so you know I don't treat gay people different and I couldn't care less true love is something that will find it's way and if that's the direction it goes then that's the direction it goes!) and so she agreed to do the football teams homework.

Just then guy with a massive wig on and a long beard came in, he looked quite familiar. Cheyanne ran up to me and said "that's Liam, I would recognise him anywhere," "why is at our school, never mind that, why is he in our school?" "Louis obviously wanted to talk to you, I bet he sent liam to our school and I'm pretty he sure he wouldn't be in here if you had just answered your bloody phone!" She screamed the words "bloody phone" in my face. By now everyone was silent and either looking at me and Cheyanne or Liam (well the bearded man), "I am here to collect Darcy...oh and erm Chey...Cheyaine," Liam shouted failing to pronouncing Cheyanne. "Not without me," Nic shouted back, "Nor me," added Jake not having a clue what was going on. "Well then by all means come with us," Liam said in a tone of annoyance, you could that he was annoyed with himself because it would be against Louis rules, you see Louis thinks me and Jake are a "thing." DISGUSTING!

(A/N - I am sorry it is a short chapter I have set a deadline for two weeks so I have to finish the next one or two chapters by then!)

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