Sherlock's Secret

Sherlock and Watson are happy together, well as happy as Sherlock can be. The only thing keeping them from being the perfect couple is Sherlock's secret.

{WARNINGS: A gay couple (Johnlock), murder, a lot of insults from both Sherlock and Alice.)

CONTEST: Whoever guesses the song in the chapter names first gets to come up with an idea for a chapter!


2. Tell You I'm Sorry

Sherlock had a dream that night for the first time in a while. He didn't dream often, however when he did they were extremely vivid and realistic, you know following the laws of physics and everything. Sherlock had a dream about Emma. It started out in her loving room. The day that their lives changed.

"Sherlock I have news for you." Emma sat with him on the couch. They had been watching a movie together. Emma was anxious, and that was no mystery to Sherlock. They were 16 at the time and knew they were young.

"I wasn't going to mention it until I was sure but since we're sharing I guess I should tell you." Sherlock and Emma were now facing each other. "You first."

"Well. Remember a few months ago?" Emma asked him. Sherlock nodded. Emma took a deep breath. "I'm pregnant."

"Oh." Sherlock seemed upset but he wasn't, just really surprised. "That changes things."

"What things?" Emma gripped his hand tightly.

"I think I'm gay." Sherlock spit out. Emma covered her mouth. Her eyes were wide.

"When did this little bit of information cross your mind." Emma snapped. Sherlock thought she was moody before but even this early in the pregnancy she was getting mood swings.

"Just a few days ago actually. I started to think about why I loved you and I realised I love you like a best friend. Then I thought about that and started noticing that I wanted your brother more than you." This was the first time in his life that Sherlock really cared about someone. He wanted to make sure she was okay and safe.

"At least you're being honest with me. Soon as you're positive, we're ending it. Is that alright?" Emma didn't sound sharp, she sounded sweet and gentle. She gripped his hand tightly. "The very moment you know for sure then let me know and we can go from there."

"I'm almost positive already. Let's figure it out now." Sherlock said.

"Alright. Well, I think that if you are gay then there is no reason for us to be together anymore. We still need to be at least friends. And you should name your baby." Emma smiled, her hazel eyes shone brightly.

"Are you sure Emma? It's your baby too." Sherlock was a little bit surprised that she wanted him to pick a name.

"Of course. I know you're not going to pick Laquisha or something of that sort." Emma laughed. "What do you want the baby to be?"

"Like the gender?" Sherlock asked and Emma nodded. "I don't care but if it was up to me I would want a girl."

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