Sherlock's Secret

Sherlock and Watson are happy together, well as happy as Sherlock can be. The only thing keeping them from being the perfect couple is Sherlock's secret.

{WARNINGS: A gay couple (Johnlock), murder, a lot of insults from both Sherlock and Alice.)

CONTEST: Whoever guesses the song in the chapter names first gets to come up with an idea for a chapter!


1. Come Up To Meet You

I had never seen Sherlock so happy before. He pecked me on the cheek gently. I was surprised, I thought that being with Sherlock would be full of rough love not the kind, gentle, careful relationship he had. Sadly Mary had died and Sherlock helped me through that tough patch and we fell in love.

We were snuggled up on the couch when they heard a knock at the door. I got up and answered it. On the other side was a girl with bright pink and lime green hair, her eyes were clear blue. She had 4 piercings in one ear and five in the other. She had a black superman T-shirt on and fishnet gloves to her elbows, her black skinny jeans were held up by at leash three belts. Her left middle finger had an oddly shaped, silver ring. Her right wrist had a black bracelet with white elephants holding each other's tails. She had on a pair of bright red high topped converse. Around her neck was a chain and a gold ring with a messy inscription Watson couldn't read. With her she had a black backpack covered in keychains with blue boxes, hammers, batman symbols, angel statues, and other weird things.

"Hi. I'm Alice." She smiled and held out her hand for a handshake. She seemed strongly familiar from somewhere. "Is a Mr. Sherlock Holmes here? Mummy told me 221B Baker Street and the woman downstairs said to come here but you don't look like how mummy described Holmes."

"He's inside. I'm John Watson, his flatmate." I shook her hand. Alice was taller that I was by about two inches.

"Can you tell him Alice Howell is here. Oh and give him this." She dug around in her backpack and pulled out an envelope.

"Of course, please come inside." I stepped away from the door to let her step through. She seemed weird, I didn't know why but she seemed off somehow. He took the envelope and walked back to the couch, relaying the message. At the mention of her last name Sherlock seemed startled, or anxious. Now was the time to worry, Holmes didn't get anxious or startled or anything really. He tore open the envelope and read the letter inside quickly, his hands shaking.

"Tell her to come here." Sherlock said after finishing the letter. I led her to Sherlock and looking at them side by side was what made it click. They looked almost identical, the only real difference was her larger eyes and fuller lips, and of course her crazy watermelon hair. "Hello, you must be Alice. I want you to tell me everything you know about your current situation."

"Okay. May I sit?" She didn't question why and that seemed to throw him off

"Yes you may. Why aren't you asking why you must tell me if it's in the letter?" Sherlock paced around her as she sat.

"You must have a reason. Maybe you like hearing things from the source or you what to know if it's true. I don't like inferring without the proper facts." Alice was too similar to Sherlock to have it by a coincidence. "Anyway, Mummy is terminally ill and said to find you at 221B Baker Street London, England. She told me my father is dead and you can tell me what happened and why."

"I knew your mother. I liked her, it's to bad she is ill. How old are you?" Sherlock asked.

"I'm 14." She said. "Everyone else my age is a complete and total idiot that I shouldn't waste my breathe on, but you're intelligent enough to speak to. Of course I am the best one on the room right now so you have to stay intelligent if you want me to think if you as anything more than a pest that should be squashed."

God she even acted like Sherlock. "What's going on?" I asked.

"I know who her father is. I'll tell you later, it's a long story." Sherlock whispered to me.

"You two are together. Watson you were married but something happened to your spouse, most likely death. Sherlock, you have loved him for about 4 years now. You've been a couple for just a few months and this is Watson's first gay relationship." Alice smirked at us.

"How did you gather that? No one can read me like that." Sherlock snapped at her.

Alice simply put a finger to her lips and said, "Spoilers."

"I hate you." Sherlock started mumbling to himself. Why was he so panicky, and Alice so calm. I caught a few words from Sherlock's mouth like 'to much alike' 'she'll suspect' 'why Emma'.

"I'm sorry Alice, he's not normally like this. You're right by the way about us. Sherlock plays violin, do you play?" I asked her, trying to lighten the mood.

"Flute. I'm learning piano, violin, guitar, saxophone, trombone, bagpipes, clarinet, and cello." She said as if everyone played nine instruments instead of the usual one or two.

"You play bagpipes?"

"A little. I'm just starting to learn." She was beautiful. She was definitely going to have all the boys drooling over her if they weren't all ready. After a while Sherlock announced he was going to bed. I looked at the time and agreed to come with.

"We have a spare room I can show you to." I led her to my old room. I had moved to Sherlock's bedroom and converted mine to a guest room.

"Thank you for letting me stay. I didn't think you would." She smiled again. She seemed very smiley and happy unlike Sherlock who tended to be quiet and neutral on most subjects.

I crawled into bed next to Sherlock who was sitting up with his hands together at his lips and his elbows on his knees. His legs were crossed under the blankets. "So who is her father?"

"I am." Sherlock said quietly but bluntly.

"What?" I sat up next to him.

"Well when I was 15 I had a girlfriend named Emma, this was before I realised I was homosexual. Actually I found out because I had a crush on her older brother. Anyway, we were illegally drinking and ended up having sex. She got pregnant and around that time I was starting to notice my feelings. Emma and I ended our romantic relationship but we stayed friends she allowed me to name the baby and I picked Alice. Emma moved to Manchester two years later and we never spoke again. We agreed that if Alice ever asked I was dead because the straight me did die and was replaced by homo me." Sherlock had now laid down on his and I was snuggled up against his chest.

"She's your daughter?" I asked him after his story. I looked up to see his perfect cheekbones.

"Yes but don't tell her." Sherlock's eyes met mine.

"I promise." I stretched my neck to peck his lips. Sherlock didn't let me get away with just that and kissed me again, harder. He climbed on top of me and the fun began.

A/N:I'm sure you guys can infer this part right here so I'll leave it out in case there is a younger audience for this story.

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