My Bieber

Alison Kerr has finally found the love of her life, but can fame and fortune ruin this perfect love story?


2. My World 2.0

I finally arrive at Justin's massive house.
I step up to the large, brown doors and ring the door bell.


Who'd think that someone who lives alone would need such a massive house? It's crazy


"Hey baby!" Justin opens the door with a big smile on his face.
"Hey Jay!" I reply walking in.


He pulls me in and shuts the door behind us, wrapping his arms around my small waist. He leant forward and gave me a kiss, sending shivers all through my body. My knees begin to go weak at the thought of being able to do this with Justin, whenever I want to. It's weird how just a little kiss can do so much to your body.


"I've missed you, Al." Justin whispers into my neck.

"Justin, it's been 2 days." I chuckled, kissing his forehead.

"That's too long, baby." He squeezed me tighter.

"So, what are you up to?" I ask.

"Oh, me and Chaz are watching movies in the theatre, wanna join?"

"Of course I do." I smiled, as he grabbed my hand and led me into the big room.

"Hey Ally!" Chaz shouted as he seen me and Justin walking into the cinemas.


We sat on the soft, purple lounges, watchin movies, cuddling up and eating popcorn for about 4 hours. It was honestly so perfect. I love spending time with my boy friend and best friend.

I checked the time, it was 5.00pm already!


"Justin, I better get home, I have homework and stuff to do, I'll see you tomorrow though, because I don't have school?" I groaned, not wanting to leave his embrace.

"Stay a little longer. You have all weekend to do your homework!" Justin muttered, giving me puppy dog eyes.

"One more hour! That's it."

"Orrr... You could just stay the night?"

"I can't Justin, I really need to get this assignment finished! It's due Monday."

"If you stay tonight, I'll spend all day helping you with it tomorrow? Please?" He begged.

"Okay, deal." I gave in.

After about 2 more hours of listening to music, running around the house, playing hide and seek and video games, Chaz went home and left me and Justin alone in his big mansion.

"Finally, time alone with my boo." Justin said pulling me closer to his chest and leaning on the counter.

I didn't really know what to say back, so I just smiled and gave him a hug.

"I'm starving." I said hinting that he would hopefully get me something to eat.

"So am I, actually." He groaned.

"Let's go get McDonalds or something, Jay?"

"I have a better idea!"

"Ah, what?" I looked at him confused.

"I'm going to take you out for dinner tonight! My treat!" He smiled, giving me a little kiss on th cheek.

"No, Justin. You know I don't like when you pay for me." I frowned.

"I don't care tonight. I'm doing it and you'll like it!" He giggled, winked then gave me another kiss on the cheek.

Of course, Justin being Justin, he took me to the fanciest restaurant in Calabasas, which isn't a surprise. He always treats me like a million dollars. I love him.

We got home and Justin was wide awake, I out Justin's shirt on and layed in bed, but of course, he had enough energy to run around a football oval 3 times!

"Baby! Please, don't go to sleep!" Justin whined.

"Jay! I'm tired!"

"Oh well! Let's go do something!"

"No, tomorrow!"

"Nah babe, now! Let's go!" Justin began jumping on the bed beside me and shaking my shoulders while letting out a really loud laugh.

"Ugh. Like what?"

"Let's go build a snowman!?" He giggled.

"Yeah, in the middle of summer. Good idea."

"What about we jump on the trampoline?"

"Where the hell is this energy from, Jay?!" I sighed.

"I'm just in a really good mood, Al."


"I'm just happy that I got to watch movies with you all day and then take you out for tea. I'm lucky to have such a beautiful girl in my life that I can call mine. I don't ever want to leave you because you're the best girlfriend I have ever had and you just make me smile all the time and I would be nothing without my amazing girlfriend. I love you Alison Jade Kerr."

"You know, Bieber. You really are my world 2.0. I love you Kidrauhl" I winked at him then wrapped my arms around his waist, digging my head into his chest.

I feel so safe, so peaceful and so calm with him. I cant even explain how comforting it is to have him by my side.

This is forever.
Or is it?...


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