My Bieber

Alison Kerr has finally found the love of her life, but can fame and fortune ruin this perfect love story?


1. I'm Alison


I looked down at my phone and seen that I had a message from Chaz.


To: Allycakes

From: Chazxo

Hey, Al. Justin wants 2 know wen ur coming over?


To: Chazxo

From: Allycakes

On my way! x


Oh, hey. I'm Alison, but everyone calls me Ally, or Al for short. I'm 17 years old and I'm dating the one and only, Justin Bieber. We've only been dating for about 3 weeks now, but we've had a 'thing' together, pretty much since the day we met. That was 7 months ago. It might sound very strange, but I think I love this kid already. He's such a sweet and talented guy.

Anyway, I live with my mom and older brother, Derek, in Calabasas, just a few blocks away from Justin. I met him when I moved up here, and actually he was the first real friend I made.

My other friends are; Chaz, Christian and Ryan. I met them through Justin, haha.'

I still go to school at Calabasas High School, it's my last year as a senior before I go to college. Unfortunately, Justin doesn't go to school because, well, he's famous, duh. But Chaz and Christian do. Ryan get's home schooled with Justin,

Well, that's enough about me, I'm sure you'll get to know a bit more about me soon though.


Okay, well this chapter was just a bit of an introduction, it will get more interesting through out the rest of the story.. hopefully. Hope ya'll like it. :*



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