She was ill. He had killed his future. They're both dead in the collapsing of their own escape.

The hospital was quiet, no one was awake. But she couldn't sleep, the counting down until 6 months, 6 months of heartache, tears, confusion, and her problems. She looked in the mirror, and saw her veins. He sick, vastly veins, and she decided her 6 months of sickness would revive again.


1. Chapter 1

The puffy walls made it easy to lose focus. They were yellow, and at that time I thought yellow was and ugly color. I remember my slightly see through hospital gown, and the soft gloves on my hands so I wouldn't be able to harm myself in anyway.

I looked in the corner where I knew the watch camera was. They saw my struggle, and I could see there's. It had been hours, and the scene kept replaying. I remember me pulling up a chair,

Fastening the rope,

And falling.

I looked down at my arms, the redness was still there from the duct tape I used against my will, so I know I wouldn't go back. I remember the dark room. I remember how no one was home. I remember the rope breaking, me falling, my heart sinking, and me trying to get back up and tie the rope again, but I was too late.

The redness burned. A lot.

"Can in have Neosporin?" I asked.


I stood up and walked around the cubed shaped room. I Had been feeling the plush of the wall when the door opened.

"Can I leave now?" Was my first question.

But the lady said nothing. She just lead me out, passed my angry parents, and through another door.

She had let me change into my old clothes, she had brought me dinner, all with out saying a word.

When she finally spoke, she said

"You won't be going home for a while."

I understood. I knew they didn't want me anymore.

After that I followed her around more, expecting to be taken away to a far away place.

Instead all she did was take me through another door, this one was harder to open, but inside I understood why.

That was the day I was introduced the the Ward. To be honest, I really didn't think I had to be here. It was just anxiety.

But they said my 'dark thoughts' had to be 'rejuvenated'.

I guess the only reason they thought they would help me was by classifying me as insane. I really didn't think I was so mental it had to be testified. I just thought I worried more than most.

But the didn't think so. They said it was to help me. The also said it would only a couple of weeks.

Today, is my 6 month mark if being in the Ward.

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