Helping a friend :)

A girl shows a new kid around the school but in a few days time her friend gets bullied! She helps her friend get the bully away and help him/her to become more confident and become less bullied. Until she starts to find a relationship with her friend!....will they become a couple or just a friend?


3. The secret

Im walking into lunch and i find louis sitting alone at the end of the table and a few Feet away is Ahnna, Zoe, Michal, and Calum. I grab my lunch and go back 'hey guys!''Cc! Hiiiiiii!' Calum says I LOL at his actions and he plays with a pice of chicken. Everyone else starts laughing also. I look at Louis who looks like he was crying again.'did u guys hurt him?' I say as I look at Louis 'who is he?' Zoe asks. 'Thats the new kid....he is my friend now' I tell them as I go to the next side of the table and sit next to him. Louis looks at me sadly 'hey....' He says 'hey...everything ok?' I wrap my arms around him once again. Louis shakes his head  'no' 'what happened?' 'Nothing I'm just remembering what happened earlier today.......' He says with tears coming down his cheeks.  Calum looks at us 'awwwww love birds!' Louis starts cring Alittle. 'Calum shut up! He's upset!' Louis hugs me and puts his face on my chest. I hug him tightly and say 'Louis plz don't cry' 'Cc...' 'Yea?' 'Plz be my friend.....I have no one else but u' 'Louis I'm already ur friend since when we met.....and I'm not changeling that' he smiles 'thx cc' 'yw so wanna have lunch with my friends and I?' 'Sure!' Louis says happily. We both go over to where my friends are. 'Suppy!' I say. 'Suppy?' Calum asks. 'That sounds like a puppy!' Says Zoe. 'Oh guys I want to to meet Louis!' 'Hi' says Louis. 'Hey!...I'm Michal, that's Zoe,Ahnna,and Calum' says michal as he points to everyone of us. 'You guys look like your rly fun to be around' Louis says. 'Yea we are rly fun!' Zoe says excitedly. 'Cool...well uh.....I'm gonna go'says Louis. 'Lou where are u going?' I ask him. 'To class.....Ill see you later Cc' 'ok bye!' He gets up and hugs me and I hug him back and then he leaves but he secretly gives me a note. I read it and smile.


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