Helping a friend :)

A girl shows a new kid around the school but in a few days time her friend gets bullied! She helps her friend get the bully away and help him/her to become more confident and become less bullied. Until she starts to find a relationship with her friend!....will they become a couple or just a friend?


1. Introducing Him

I walk towards my friends Ahnna, Zoe, Michal and Claum. 'Sup guys!' I say in excitement. 'Sup!' Zoe says. 'Whata guys taking about?' 'The new kid! He is in the front office waiting for someone to show him around campus!' Calum exclaimed. 'New kid? I didn't hear about a new kid coming' ' well go check him out! Principal Brown wants someone to give him a tour!' Says Ahnna. 'What?! Me?! Why me?!' 'Claire your know this campus even more than mr. Brown knows his own office!' Calum says. 'Ugh fine!' I say is aggravation as I stroll off towards the principals room. I come in and spot a young 14 year old with brown hair and blue eyes  and light skinned boy like me sitting on a chair looking at me. 'Claire! Are u here to give this young boy a tour of our school?' Mr Brown asks. 'Uh... Yea!' 'Great!...ill leave u to alone to get to know eachother better! Mr. Brown says as he leaves the room. I sit next to the boy and fix my skirt and put my book bag down next to me 'Hi!' I say. 'Hey' the boy says 'I'm Louis Tomlinson....' He trails off. 'Im Claire but everyone calls me Cc' I say. 'Cool' says Louis. 'Everything ok Louis?' 'Yea everything is's just that I'm new here and in my other school I get bullied a lot.........are there bullies here?' 'Theres a few but they have classes on the other side of the school' 'oh ok....' 'Louis don't worry...they won't bother u at all!' Louis smiles and looks up at me cuz he knows he has someone to come to after being bullied 'thx' 'np.. Now come on! We have a few min to spare before we start' 'ok! Where do we go?' 'Lets go........OH I know!' I run out of the office and into the garden ad sit on the grass. 'WAIT UP CLAIRE!!!' I hear Louis's voice from a distance l look back and find that Louis is running to catch up with me out of breath!

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